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For those have seen seen season 1 of the Netflix RE show, what did you think of it?[Spoilers]


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Alright, It has been at least a week since the show's debut as of this post, and I have seen all 8 episodes of the show already. For those of you on the same boat, what did you think of season 1? A reminder to put all major spoilers in the spoiler tags, please and thank you~

I'll I have to say is that its an okay show, I didn't like Jade Wesker as a character, in fact, she my least favorite out of the cast in the present and future storylines, everyone else is fine for the most part. The setpieces are ok, story was making me dizzy, and I do like the monster designs.

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Sorry. I haven't watched it.

If you want to know my general two cents, we are all so very fed up of Capcom going back to 1998. Again. And again. And again. As if 1998 is the only year that matters to Capcom.

You know what I mean. They've oversaturated the franchise with different takes on Raccoon City, or the futuristic Raccoon City in this case. But they've just been making a mockery of Shinji Mikami's legacy.

Many of these adaptations are pretty much an embarrassment.


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I think maybe you should speak for yourself about who is and isn't tired of Raccoon City. It's arguably the pinnacle of the series and there's a lot of untapped potential there.

It's also been proven, at least in my opinion, that they fail miserably at trying to take Resident Evil out of Raccoon City. Raccoon City is where Resident Evil shines so it makes sense that they would try to cash in on it, even if many of these attempts are uninspired.

Now as for the show, it's pretty terrible from what I've seen but I haven't really sat down and watched it myself. I've only picked up bits and pieces here and there from where my husband attempted it.

That said: just because the people in charge are butchering the current attempts doesn't mean that people wouldn't like to see Raccoon City revisited and done right.


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I'm pretty much with @Magnolia Grandiflora here. For example the Outbreak series showed that there's a lot of untold stories to be told by civilians in this period, but those games were still held back by being developed as multiplayer titles. Therefore it's a shame that there hasn't been another modern attempt at trying to explore those type of stories in a full-fledged single-player game. Of course we occasionally get uninspired stuff like Resistance that technically takes place in Raccoon City in 1998, but really doesn't - it's just a shameless way of luring players in by teasing Raccoon City when it's just an empty shell of an online multiplayer. But, it clearly shows that Raccoon City is still a popular and iconic location for fans.

I often think of how massive Raccoon City and its surroundings are, and how the outbreak basically started in the outskirts. Yet we've never actually seen the impact of the outbreak outside of the city center. Logically speaking, there should've been lots of outbreaks in smaller communities surrounding the city, which would make for an interesting and unique setting. In the RE2 remake for example we see zombies attacking the gas station where Leon and Claire make a quick stop, which is located outside of the city. I always found this addition to be very interesting, and I realized that there's a lot of untapped potential there. What about a large community of farms that gets infected? How would the locals deal with the intruders? What type of freaky enemies would emerge by mutating with the T-virus? Cows, horses, pigs, bulls....


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I'll keep it plain and simple.

- It had ok episodes, but not all of them where good.
- Not a fan of the casting.
- Story wise could have been alot better.

I was so hyped for the show, didn't watch any trailers.

And it was a big let down and a dissapointment.


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RE3R should have been that single player game where we can explore more of the cities innards in depth but they decided to rush it out the door and not put much and effort into it, sadly. Wasted potential.

There was a sheriff uniform in RE2R, imagine a game taking place in the immediate outskirts where you get to play as a deputy of Raccoon County and have to find survivors and get to explore the areas flora and fauna and beat back infected wildlife. As a plot twist the sheriff could have been on Umbrella's payroll like Irons.

Pointless fanfiction sure, but still, it's pretty sad how we can come up with better ideas on a whim than what you know who seems to come up with.

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Well, I liked how in the two Outbreak games, you stepped into the shoes of ordinary civilians in Raccoon City. And at least those games sort of still had the traditional RE gameplay style.

After that, it just plummeted in quality.
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