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Resident Evil 4 Remake First time ever playing a Resident evil game


New Member
Oh my god this game is so good I love it. I bought the remake a couple days ago and its fun as hell. Its my first ever Resident evil game. I cant believe I have been sleeping on this series for so long.

I had a couple questions to ask. I know its probably best to just play the other games and figure out but I'd rather just find out now. Why was Leon forced to become an agent for the Government? That's really the only thing im trying to figure out.

Also what game should I play after this (Resident evil 4 remake). From what I know, Resident evil 7-8 follows a different story and character. I kind of want to stick with Leon right now, he's just too damn cool lmao, So what should I try out after this.
Thanks in advance.
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