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Resident Evil Zero Fire key & wings problem


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I'm currently playing Resident Evil O on ps4 and something went wrong!

Although I can leave herbs or guns on the ground and return later to grab them because as all we know you have six slots in your inventory, I had a problem with the red key on Umbrella Facilities. I used it on the first fire door but then I left it because I had to do something else; when I returned to use it in the kitchen the key was not there! The same happened with the wings of the white angel. I left them somewhere else in a room because I had to carry something else in my inventory and when I returned to pick them up they were not there! Fortunately I reloaded a previous save and started playing again with no problem because I didn't leave anything like that on the ground but carried them always with me. This does not happen with my arsenal or herbs.

Is that a dead-end? Does the game "punishes you" in order to be careful at what you leave through the gameplay?

Please inform me.
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Problem solved. The "lost" items are in the area but they do not shine. That's why the player has to search a little around in order to find them.
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