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Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (1999) Do you jump when the Nemesis suddenly appears out of no where?

Do you jump when the Nemesis suddenly appears out of no where?

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I literally played this game to the point where nothing about it makes me even flimch.


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I've no memory of my body jumping in reaction to Nemesis T-Type popping on the screen but that doesn't mean it didn't scare me.
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Kahnum of Outworld
My heart speeds up every time I hear the music change and those big ass footsteps behind me. RE3 and RE2 probably make me swear the most out of the RE games; 3 because of Nemesis and RE2 because of the lickers.

Heavy breathing ass mother ****ers.


Wolf :)
I don't really jump when I hear him enter an area. I have a little "oh ****" moment inside of me. But I'm not really scared or tense


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I think the part that always scares me half to death is in the police station, after you come from the second floor and Nemesis jumps through the window. That part terrifies me, haha.

For an entire week my and my brothers couldn't sleep with the lights off. and at night we couldn't go to the bathroom alone because of that part.


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Yeah being a young lad, Nemesis was the source of most of my nightmares. I never fought him as a kid and always ran away.


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Usually i do, then I got to the point where I was exhausted and he appeared and i was just like Yeh Yeh whatever screw you...


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Whenever I hear his theme I get paranoid, even nowadays and don't remind me of this scene...
I'm still losing my sh*t at this part...


Pencil Artist
Whenever I hear his theme I get paranoid, even nowadays and don't remind me of this scene...
I'm still losing my sh*t at this part...
Let me explain to everyone the power this scene holds.

I have played this game a few times,
Seen it in playthroughs and seen this part alot of times.
But it still just made me jump now when I watched that vid.


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He stole 10 years of my life when he jumped through the window in police station. It still sends chills down my back, even when I know he's coming. Am I alone in thinking these villains are way more scarier when not fully mutated? I like Nemesis at the start a lot more.


Slade Wilson
I used to when I played the game for the first few times. But since I have played through the game many times by now and know exactly when and where Nemesis shows up I am mostly ready for him. What annoys me so much about him is that he can kill you so easily. he only needs to grab you once (if you´re not at full health) and you´re dead. and it takes forever to get up after he got you once. If I die in this game then it´s almost 98 % because of him. After a while he was really more infuriating then scary. Of course Nemesis became nothing more than a mild nuisance once I had unlocked my beloved Rocket Launcher as it takes only two hits to bring him down (on hard) and he leaves some REALLY nifty items if you take him down such as parts for new weapons (Eagle 6.0 handgun or M37 Shotgun) or even First Aid boxes or unlimited ammo for all weapons (which you get if you have taken him down in each encounter and then take him down in the last encounter in the chapel) !

I always wondered why Jill never finishes him off once he is down though. If she would have just shot his head to pieces or cut his head off once he is down, she would have saved herself a lot of trouble. She also would not have ended up as Weskers personal testsubject (as it was her T-virus infection by Nemesis that later made her body able to become immune to progenitor-based viruses, making her blood the key ingredient for perfecting Weskers Uroboros virus many years later)


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Hell yeah.

It's the drastic change of pace from, slothfully treading around for clues to a puzzle to this giant "f*** off" potato from hell - wearing Matrix clothing - comes crashing through a wall like he's the fricken Kool Aid man. Jill sandwich's be damned!

Of course you get used to it at some point...


"Doth Mother Know You Weareth Her Drapes?"
Definitely. The first time I played the game, after Brad's untimely demise in the RPD courtyard, I'd got into the station and calmed down enough to carry on. Just trundled along, shooting zombies and the like, started relaxing, when BAM! He comes bursting through that window, I panic, running round like a headless chicken, and then he killed me.
I was so shook up, I couldn't go back to the game for weeks afterward.
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