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Dino Crisis Remake Ideas.

Nick Springthorpe.

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So I know this isn't exactly Resident Evil, but Mikami-san created it so I think it still counts. These are just a few ideas for a Remake of Resident Evil's forgotten cousin Dino Crisis.

1. Multiple Playable Characters. So Instead of playing the entire time as Regina, I thought the Remake could allow you to play as Gail and Rick. Each character has their own playstyle.

Regina's gameplay focuses on stealth and evasion. Think Metal Gear Solid with Dinosaurs. She doesn't like to fight head-on. Rather she prefers to get the drop on unaware dinos via environmental hazards and one-hit-kill shots. If spotted, your best is to retreat and either find a hiding place, or a vent to escape in. Regina uses flashbang and smoke grenades to help her escape if seen, and her signature weapon is a dart pistol, which can fire a variety of darts with different effects.

Gail's style is closer to Dino Crisis 2: He's all about running and gunning every dino in his way. He'll use many returning weapons from that game including the Flame Launcher, Rocket Launcher, the Heavy Machine Gun, and the Solid Cannon.

Rick's approach is more tech-oriented. His objectives fall into three basic categories. 1. Restore Power. 2. Override lockdowns and hack systems. 3. And solve puzzles. When dealing with Dinosaurs, He carries an array of gadgets and gear based on countering dino attacks including chain mines and the firewall. He can also tinker with objects in the environment to set traps for hungry lizards, like security turrets and portable generators.

2. Semi-Open world. Let's explore more of Ibis Island outside the Third Energy Facility.

Dino Crisis 2 created the illusion of exploring a wider open area by having the player run thru long connected corridors. A semi-open area with different environments would offer a unique experience. Each area would have different dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures.

3. More Dinosaurs. One of the things criticized about the original game was that there were only four dinosaurs. Pteranodons are Pterosaurs. Dino Crisis 2 fixed this by having eleven different enemies. I think we could get at least 30 for the remake.

That's all I've got for now. Will update later if I get more.
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