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Death Island

Ridley Lockhart

Well-Known Member
Too much action is for dumb dumbs, needs a balanced diet. It's like saying Coca Cola is the better beverage because it sells more than coconut milk, therefore Coca Cola is good and just.

No, action is mandatory in a video game of course, like carbohydrates are mandatory for your body to function, but you need other essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for the best overall healthy diet, same logic applies to games.

This logic does not mitigate the fact there's nothing "grounded" about any of the CGI films (though I can't comment on 'Infinite Darkness' because I have not seen it). There's definitely more sugar in these films than that of Vitamin K, selenium, Iodide, manganese, and protein. :)
The amount of vitamin puns or innuendos lol but you're right it does need to be balanced.

Okay, comparing to lets say 28 Days Later, was there really any action in that movie?


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Hey I could do this forever.

The amount of blood and gore = protein
The amount of action = carbohydrates
The atmosphere, tone, and interface= fat

Features, content, replayability, ect. = vitamins and minerals.

Unfortunately there's just too many carbs in most of these movies and limited everything else.

Ridley Lockhart

Well-Known Member
I finally watched this last night. Dang, its pretty awesome, definitely the best of the CG RE films(mind you I haven't seen Infinite Darkness yet) and I wouldn't say it was surprisingly good I knew it would be but it was better than just a cheap 'put all the main characters together in one film' type deal. Good story, action, the whole shebang. I still don't like RE3R Jill and that voice from RE3R I don't think fits Jill's character ugh. Ill give the movie a well deserved 9/10...idk what makes a 10/10 but I'd considered that also. Great watch though.

I liked all the references put in there from previous installments too. Obvious connections to Vendetta, references to RE6(just a cheap name drop), also Harvardville is mention, I heard that was like, "Ah ****! I know that! That's from Degeneration!!". I've come to expect the 'over-the-top' action in these CG films, it just comes with the package but it was all really well done. Tell me if I'm wrong, but capcom seems to REALLY like showing people reloading their guns in these movies? Removing/inserting the ammo clip, cocking the gun, etc...like ALOT.

Lets just say there's plenty of protein, carbs, and fat to fill you up. I'm still hungry.

Final thoughts Awesome Movie.


Sexually Active Member
Watched this the other night on Netflix and will give it credit as being the best of the CGI flicks so far- though that's not really saying a whole lot! It's about what I expected though; nice seeing all the main characters interact but the movie in general is on the cheesy side and leaves a bit more to be desired.

The scene where Jill and Leon meet for the first time in the sewers was pretty awesome and easily the best part of the whole movie.
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