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Crowbcat's soul vs soulless Resident Evil 4 comparison video


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A YouTube user has uploaded a fairly detailed (approx. 40 minutes) comparison of the original Resident Evil 4 and its remake. I found it to be an interesting watch. What do you guys think of it?



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I don't understand what's the point of videos like that, other than grasping at straws by fueling unneeded division between fans. Ironically, Crowbcat changed the title of the video after he received backlash from his viewers.

Besides, the stylistic approach is different in both games which makes for a pretty unjust comparison of "atmosphere". The original has a much more extreme and distinct art style that makes it feel more crisp and saturated, whereas the remake opts for a more realistic, muddy look that feels darker and more cinematic. In terms of sound design, the remake creates tension by utilizing silence to complement the game's dark and realistic environments. By contrast, the original's brighter environments relied more heavily on creepy sounds and effects to create a sense of terror. Both approaches work well.


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I have to say that the fandom's reaction to Crowbcat's excellent video has been interesting to watch unfold over the past couple days, to say the least. I get the feeling that he's pee'd on the parade, so to speak, and is now bearing the brunt of it. I think reception is split squarely down the middle, between those who acknowledge the content of the video and either agree or disagree with its point, and those in denial of the content of the video, who are attacking anything peripherally connected to the video other than the video itself in an effort to have it omitted from discussion.

I've seen countless attacks on the uploader themselves, many attacks on RE4 fans, disproportionate hyperfixation on the metadata of the video (i.e. the title and description) revealing a so-called bias, a mysterious epidemic of chronic boredom elicited by the video so bad that the afflicted can't possibly bear to watch it, and extreme scrutiny of the video's audio levels to a point of wilful ignorance of all else. It is almost as if the 37 minutes of footage itself were a total blind spot for many. I wonder if there's some kind of Freudian pathology at work, perhaps a case of repressed disillusionment that people are reluctant to confront.

Jonipoon, although I disagree with your post, I appreciate that you engaged with the meat of the video and offered something to think about. Personally, I've always considered unjust comparison to be a myth typically invoked when a given comparison does no favours for the party invoking it. Where two things exist, they can be compared. Sometimes it's not worthwhile to do it, like in the case of a broomstick and a television, but nonetheless it can be done because different objects possess different properties and purposes which can be compared and contrasted. With respect to Resident Evil 4 and its remake, I would have thought that if the two were so sufficiently different as to be incomparable, then surely the new game could never have passed for a remake of the first, right? After all, what would be the point of releasing and marketing it with the title "Resident Evil 4" if it did not resemble the original game enough to be recognisable as or comparable to it?

As for the general questions about the point of Crowbcat's video, personally I dismiss them out of hand as daft gaslighting. The value of a comparison between an original and its remake is self-evident and needs no formal justification. I doubt very much that anybody would ask such questions about the point of a comparison putting a remake in a more favourable light than its original. Honestly, I would sooner question the purpose of questioning the value of the video, rather than just engaging with the comparison and learning something from it.


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Ok. I get it now. Just hardcore RE4 fans engaging in extreme levels of nuance in which non RE4 fans probably wouldn't understand or care. Perhaps you should specify in the thread next time on who the target audience is because some people don't give two flying ****s about RE4. ;)


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I prefer the remake over the 2005 one.

2023 feels terrifying, scary, eerie, dark and sadistic.

Los illuminados in 2005 was treated like a joke and the ganados especially were treated like a meme.

In this the enemies are brutal and ruthless mindless people who are controlled by parasites while Saddler was a psychopathic religious fanatic more akin to palpatine while he remained a mysterious figure in the game by allowing his minion to do the work.

Leon got military trained and hardened up while at the same time lives with the ptsd of the raccoon city tragedy.

Resident evil 4 2005 failed to even touch upon umbrellas role at least in 2023 one it was made clear and how Luis Serra worked for Umbrella Europe.
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