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Hello everyone hope someone can help me out, I have been playing Resident Evil 3 REMAKE and I'm at the end where I got the vaccine and I need to get back to the surface to finish the came so after the cut scene after I scape from nemesis in Nest 2 after blowing the room and going up on the elevator I end up in a safe room that has a typewriter and a storage box with some ammo and there is a door where I'm only assuming that leads to the last battle with nemesis the thing is that once the elevator stops and I get out of it the game is stuck I can move around in the room I can shoot my gun but I can't pick up the ammo or I can't select the storage box or the typewriter to save I really can't do anything none of the markers that show up when you can select or interact with an item non of them come up and I can't even open the door either so om Locked up in this room with no way out I need help not sure if it's my game or if I did something to a file I'm not Sure PLEASE HELP!!!
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