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Revelations 2 Best game since RE4? (Seriously Underrated)

Is Revelations 2 underrated?

  • Yes

    Votes: 25 78.1%
  • No

    Votes: 7 21.9%

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I like both Revelations, to be honest Revelations 2 feels like what Resident Evil should've been, Plot is interesting, scary spooky places, scarce ammo, amazing, I can write a whole paragraph about how good it is and it wouldn't be enough, I also liked how it focused on Claire, and Barry with of course introduction of Moira who I find very interesting and cool character, at some point I felt this one was good as Code Veronica, or it's just that Nostalgia since CV still holds me because that's where Claire appeared last time, anyways it also has replay value, I could replay it on and on and I wouldn't grow tired of it! Since I was highly disappointed with how Resident Evil 6 and Resident Evil 7 turned out (7 Mainly because I am not a fan of first person games, so yeah that's the only problem) I am so hyped for Revelations 3 *IF* there is going to be one, which I hope it will. It's pretty cool how they're doing these Revelation series that sticks to true Resident Evil roots, hope it won't turn all action-y, and from what I notice it mainly focuses on older characters that we haven't heard or seen anything about like Claire, maybe next one could be Rebecca or have her part of the story somehow, or Jill for that matter, anyone, really. I really like both Leon and Ada, but they kind of got overrated appearing in every game kind of bores me, even tho I'm huge fan of both of them, but I think It's time they focus on characters from past video games, hell I'd love it even if they included Outbreak guys in story somehow, Okay! This is what I think about Revelation 1&2 and for future series of these, excuse me for my terrible English, hell what I'm doing, this was MESS xD
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The raid mode and event aspects of re.net is what makes this game even better than five and 4 imo!! extra content is soo good and fun!


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I'm not sure if it is underrated. Though I'm far more interested to see a follow up to Revelations 2, than many of the main games. I want to see more what happens with Natalie/Alex, than with any of the characters in the main series. Except maybe a continuation of Jake's story. What has come of him after Resident Evil 6.

Maybe a revelations game with Jake as one of the playable characters in a plot involving Alex Wesker inhabiting Natalie's mind or her mind switched in to a new host. Or something like that.
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I'm not sure if it is underrated. Though I'm far more interested to see a follow up to Revelations 2, than many of the main games. I want to see more what happens with Natalie/Alex, than with any of the characters in the main series. Except maybe a continuation of Jake's story. What has come of him after Resident Evil 6.

Maybe a revelations game with Jake as one of the playable characters in a plot involving Alex Wesker inhabiting Natalie's mind or her mind switched in to a new host. Or something like that.
I agree, after losing Wesker, it felt like Alex was the next chance at a recurring villain in at least part of the series for me and I definitely wanted to know more about how the scenario with Natalia/Alex would progress. I do really hope that one day, they pick that up again.

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Revelations 2 is a great little game and far superior to the first one IMO. Revelations 1 is my least played main series title. Iv beat it once on the 3DS, once on the ps3 and once on the ps4 and i will admit iv enjoyed each playthrough, it is far from a bad game. There's just something about it that stops me returning to it and i think it's how the game is layed out. The highlights of the game are Jill's sections. Everytime im playing as Jill im enjoying myself, but just as it starts to pick up and im making progress....im yanked out and im playing as Chris, or Jackass, or Parker. It's extremely jarring. Revelations 2 on the other hand i know im playing as Claire or Barry and thats it and in terms of replaying it well, iv platinumed it on ps4,ps3, and vita. Iv earned all the acheviements on the Xbox One. I adore it, and find it to be much more replayable, engaging and just overall more fun that the first one. Before Remake 2 it was my favourite Resi in a decade. I genuinely care about Barry and his family, almost to the same degree as i cared about Joel in the Last of us. Revealtions 1, the only characters i care about are Jill and Chris and i don't get to spend as much time with them as id want.

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So I started playing RE: Revelations 2 today and I'm already finishing the third Chapter (I'm playing with Barry now) and, well, I'm speechless. The game is far better than anything I was expecting and deserves a LOT more recognition than it got. I mean, 75 on Metacritic? Come on, seriously? I know it's a good score but I think it at least deserves 83 or something among those lines, RE5 has 89 for god's sake. Here's the thing, I love RE5 and it seems I'm one of the only people that do, but Revelations 2 is a better Resident Evil in every single way (except maybe plot and writing). What do you guys think?
The game is good for me it deserves and 8 or 8.5 but if you are a critic you must critic every aspect of the game like graphic design ecc...

The game itself is good but the graphic is dated for a 2014 game, is worst Than resident evil 5 in some aspect and some area are a bit repetitive
Also it's not very innovative since it takes is gameplay from game like the evil within in and the last of us...
Revelation 1 was better in my opinion because the grapich was good for a 3ds game, the area and enemy design were also better and so it's overall presentation was better Than revelations 2
So that why we probably have a 70 on metacritic...
Anyway for me the game Is good and better than re 6 and should probably deserved more but is not as good as resident evil 5 who was better in term of graphic, enemy design and character and even gameplay
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I dont agree with " Since re4 " statement cause ı love re4 / re5 / re6 a lot but ı agree that rerev2 is greatly underrated. One of my favourite games in the series. Better than the 1st one in every way.


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I'm playing this for the first time right now and am in the middle of episode 3.

So far, I think it's absolutely incredible and - from a storytelling perspective - is better than anything since Resident Evil 2. Even the humor, which I usually loathe, is far more effectively executed here and works logically given the caretaker dynamics between the two pairs of characters. I can buy Moira making sardonic jokes as a defense mechanism against her own terror, and I can especially accept Claire making the occasional sarcastic comment in an attempt to put Moira at ease. The quips are also aided by delivery, which is generally very good and understated. don't think I've laughed at a purposeful joke in an RE game...ever.., but there were a few things here that at least made me smile.

I think I like every single character, which is unheard of in this series. Even Moria, whose angsty, disaffected archetype is usually grating beyond belief, somehow manages to be relatable and sympathetic. I love seeing Claire try to "babysit" a young 20 something rather than a little girl; it allows for exploration of her maternal qualities but with an added dimension of sisterhood. The evolution of she and Moria's relationship from Claire basically guiding Moira around at first to Moira taking charge as Claire becomes preoccupied by her emotions toward Neil is fantastic.

Claire's character grows by leaps and bounds in this game and the version seen here is one of the most likable and engaging female protagonists in the series. If you're in your thirties, you know a Claire. She has her **** together, is tough, dogged, and kind, but her idealism is strained by experience. I love the subtlety of her exact relationship with Neil; you believe that she has feelings toward him rooted in a sense that he is good and honest. The resignation with which she experiences the disappointment of yet another betrayal is incredibly true to life and actually made me feel viscerally sorry for her.

I've loved Barry since RE1 and was so psyched to finally have him as a centerpiece for one of these games. The characterization is great and this is exactly what I would've expected him to be as a 50 something. He's world weary and cranky, but is still motivated by a sense of honor and (imperfectly expressed) love.

The environments, atmosphere and pacing are all on point, too. Controls aren't as good as RE6 or maybe even RE5, but I definitely think they're less clunky than Revelations 1. I can certainly see where the graphics might feel dated for a game this new and I would agree that the level designs are somewhat repetitive across episodes, but those things are all pretty immaterial to me in comparison to the quality of the characters, story, and general emotional experience.

Perhaps everything goes completely to **** in the final two episodes, but right now I genuinely think I'd rank this game as my 4th favorite RE game ever, behind the original two PS titles and RE2 Remake.


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That's a great write up above ^ and I couldn't describe the storyline/character arc(s) that well in a million years.

So the action stuff, the interactive monster movie aspect where creepy things are trying to kill me:

It's a great game and I think Moira & Natalia are critical to the action in the campaign, so much more than simple A.I. partners. In fact, I played more as them and let Claire/Barry be the backup support. The fact that you can switch back and forth while in play is priceless. It took me a 2nd play through to realize that what they bring to the table is more critical than firepower and in fact saves ammo for those moments when firepower is pretty much unavoidable unless you choose to run from everything. When all's said and done, Moira's flashlight & crowbar and Natalia's 6th sense and bricklaying are vital, greatly nuanced elements to the fighting and also a blast to get the hang of. I've also found that follow-up striking in this game is far more intuitive than say RE5 or 6 also. The A.I. partner generally reacts when you need them to react. I played it alone and almost felt like I had company (kinda creepy in it's own way but....)

Raid mode and online raid mode co-op and events are another thing entirely. Be prepared to meet some really cool & some really ...ummm...unpleasant players. Take it in stride and keep on keepin' on, it is a lot of fun and ultimately the only thing left to do once you've upgraded all your characters and have gotten lvl 100 weapons etc. To keep slogging around in raid mode once you're leveled up is like getting infinite ammo - so you can clear the room in a few blasts but it sure gets boring. It's more fun getting there than being there. The only thing left is online co-op and events. I'm not worried about my world ranking by any stretch but it's somewhat exhilarating to take on something difficult and pretty much outright insane and make it through.
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