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Alan Wake 2

Gun Powder B

Well-Known Member
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Well color me impressed! It appears to be borrowing the aesthetics of RE4R and making it a truly grounded survival horror experience from the get-go. This is great news for some of us that felt a bit wanting after completing RE4R. It's like Remedy came out of nowhere and said "Don't worry, we got this :cool:".

Will be following closely. It may deliver the goods, it may not, but this is one Hell of a first impression!


The King of Kings
I think the game looks great and I love the new more Resident Evil-like presentation. Not sure how I feel about playing as some random agent. As long as Alan is playable an equal amount of time or more, then I'll get over it. But I'm sure the story will get me over it eventually anyway. Especially since it seems they've been directly giving us a glimpse of the plot since Quantum Break. Though, I'm completely bummed there's no physical release. Seriously put a damper on the whole thing for me. Gonna have to hold out until they do release it physically or it gets a huge price cut digitally.

Gun Powder B

Well-Known Member
A side note, and just an obvervation and not a critique, what is it with this sudden explosion of villains in horror games with strong "tree" themes? I think it's cool and interesting and all, I'm just wondering where it all came from xD

RE9, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 (if that ever comes out), Alan Wake 2 and many others appear to be implementing dark and mysterious big baddies with cult-themes around the woods and nature. Curious to see how this trend plays out.
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