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Xbox.com accidentally confirms Resident Evil 2 Revelations existence

by Steve Powell on Aug 20, 2014 at 9:16 PM
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    Weren't expecting Resident Evil 2 Revelations to be announced this week? Neither were Capcom. But much like the series' many infectious, zombie-inducing viruses, word of the game's development has been let loose unto the 'net where there is no cure to make it go away.

    The game initially appeared as a product listing on the official Xbox website, complete with official Xbox 360 box art and a single, ominous concept art piece before being promptly pulled from public view.

    For those whom weren't able to attend Resident Evil 2 Revelations accidental confirmation of existence, here's the two promotional shots which caused feathers to ruffle, and perhaps even a few pink slips to circulate inside the Xbox offices:

    resident evil revelations 2 box art.jpg
    Details are still thin on the ground, with confirmed platforms being limited only to last-gen's Xbox 360. Although, we'd be very surprised if Revelations 2 didn't see a release on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, also. We'll keep our eyes and ears open in anticipation of Xbox.com leaking news of the game's release date, ending spoilers, and eating habits over the coming weeks.
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  1. run b run
    Come to the ps on a hard copy pleeeeeease
  2. xMobilemux
    I really hope this one is with Leon, because Leon still has some story to tell, the Chris & Jill story is done and done.
  3. wayne
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  4. Hel
    Like what? The never-ending quest for Ada Wong's heart? No thanks. I've had enough of both the "Sucks to be Chris" show and the "Leon in Love" soap opera. We don't need another episode of the former's depressing struggles to find out whether or not "it's all worth fighting for", or the latter's mission to save or work with one girl while he secretly wants the other.

    It's time to let the ladies shine in the limelight again. Since Revelations was set between RE4 and 5, perhaps the sequel will be set between 5 and 6 and tell us more about what Jill has been up to lately. It might provide a solution to the mystery of her absence in RE6 without necessarily involving Chris. Or it might follow a completely different path and tell us more about Claire, Rebecca, or anyone else who has been missing for quite a while. But since it's apparently called "Revelations 2" (not the most creative title if you ask me), what we can expect for sure is that it will have something to do with the original story of Revelations. Perhaps Jessica will be the main villain?
  5. ToCool74
    Lol, never looked at it that way, but you do have a point.
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  6. AlexiaAshford
    I hope Capcom doesn't make Leon or Chris protagonists again. They already have somewhat recent titles giving them all the attention possible (Leon - RE4/Damnation and Chris - RE5), not to mention their boring, crappy appearance in RE6.

    I wouldn't mind seeing Jill as the main character in a new game, as long as Chris isn't together with her again. Her role in RE5 was pretty pathetic, the only purpose she had in the plot was making Chris more determined in his mission and of course, being saved. I think she deserves a game focused on her as an independent being without "Mr. Muscles Redfield" on her side/working at the same mission. Sure, RE3 did this (although poorly), but I'm mostly talking about her appearances in post-RE4 era games (The Umbrella Chronicles, RE5 and REvelations)

    I personally think it's Claire time now. She hasn't been shown since 2008 (Degeneration), differently from Leon, Jill and Chris - they all appeared over the last years. Not to mention she could be an interesting protagonist because of the very fact that amongst the main characters, she is the only one with no military background/training. Claire deals with information and mostly fights bioterrorism in a non-violent way, and after all those years of playing as BSAA or government agents, seeing everything from TerraSave's perspective could be a breath of fresh air.
    I wouldn't like if she was involved with bioterrorism again in another "coincidence" though. That would be too far-fetched... She could choose to fight voluntarily, Capcom just needs to think of a decent reason for it.
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  7. Hel
    Thank you for everything, Alexia! Seems like I'm no longer the only one who thinks that Jill keeps disappearing in Chris's shadow and finally needs her own game again. By the way, the same applies to Ada. Get rid of Leon already and let her go on a mission without having to babysit him all the time.
  8. xMobilemux
    I personally do want to see where the Leon and Ada story ends cause we still don't know everything about Ada, does she have an ultimate goal or is she still just a rent-a-spy?
    If they're saving that story for RE7 along with a cranked up Jake story then I can live with that.
    But yeah I'd like to see Claire return and take the spotlight as well as Jill, also I liked Parker but I doubt he'll return.
  9. Turo602
    lol at people thinking they know what stories or characters should be used like they know what's in store for the future. Saying a character is done based on your own view or experience with what has been given to you is just close-minded, especially when referring to main protagonists of the series. I guess no one wants to see Mario save the princess for the hundredth time either. Maybe replace Master Chief in the next Halo because I want to say his story is done when the lore says otherwise.
  10. Hel
    Lol at people who constantly feel the need to go around and judge people based on their opinions. We're just discussing what we think would be best, is that alright with you or should we apply for an official permission to state our close-minded views?
  11. Turo602
    lol at people trying to justify what they're saying with the word opinion when they've made a statement about what people don't need rather than what they don't want. Go ahead, continue discussing what you'd like to see, I have no problem with it. What I have a problem with is people presenting their opinions as fact.
  12. Hel
    Yes, it is my opinion that we don't need that. Sorry for not starting every single sentence with "I think" or "in my opinion" (as I usually do, which makes it ironic that you're addressing your reproach to me of all people). Would you even have bothered to reply to this thread if it weren't for my offhand phrasing in that earlier post (which no one but you seems to mind)? It may have looked like I was presenting my opinion as a fact, fine, but joing a conversation simply to complain about the other participants isn't any better.

    Anyway, I don't want to change this topic into something else, so this will be my last post on that matter. Just keep in mind that not everyone is willing to talk to you nicely if you come here out of nowhere and the first thing you do is call people close-minded.
  13. Turo602
    How exactly did you come to the conclusion that my statement was provoked by you?
  14. HELLBOY1980
    no way would capcom waste money on revelations sequel on ps3 or 360
  15. AgentZero
    They wouldn't be wasting money. I doubt half the people on here have a ps4 or xbox one. And that goes for alot of people. They're probably going to keep making this gen and last gen consoles for the next couple og years.
  16. crisdecuba
    I love these kinds of mistakes. :)
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  17. HELLBOY1980
    --- i doubt it..
  18. AgentZero
    Dude, when they made PS3, game companies still made PS2 games for like 3 years. There are so many people who don't have the money for next gen consoles right now. If they ONLY did this gen, they would be out soo much money.
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  19. KennedyKiller
    As long as Sheva isn't in it, I'm sold.
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