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We have a Discord chat server (thanks to cheez!)

by Steve Powell on Feb 26, 2017 at 9:59 PM
  • Steve Powell

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    This is a feature that more than a handful of you have been asking for, for a while now. We finally have a brand spanking new Discord chat server and it's all thanks to @cheezMcNASTY for taking a ton of time to install and fine-tune all of the crazy do-dads behind the scenes. Without cheez, this feature simply would not be available.

    Not familiar with Discord? Me neither. Probably best you just dive it and figure it out as I intend to.

    So, go check it out already! And don't forget to give @cheezMcNASTY some love for making this happen. Cheers, cheez!
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  1. blivvy
    I had never used Discord before until I seen it on the forums here. It's great for chatting with fellow gamers and Resi fans ofc.

    Thanks @cheezMcNASTY. You've done a great job :)
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  2. Jen
    Agreed, the Discord is great. Good job, Cheez!
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  3. KRSkull
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  4. cheezMcNASTY
    Thank you @Steve Powell, @blivvy, @Jen, and @KRSkull!
    It's been great conversing with you all in our warm, fuzzy discord server. I hope to see you all in Discord again soon!
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  5. Steve Powell
    Quick update: cheez rightly suggested that the navigation URL be updated to point to the welcome page. The link has been updated and so to has the one in the original post. cheez is the man!
  6. Romero
    Thank you cheez! I am not familiar with Discord, I know basically what it is but have never tried it.
    Maybe I one day will try it out and let people hear how awfully poor my spoken English is.... after I've had 2 bears to build up my courage lol.
    cheezMcNASTY likes this.
  7. TheLastofIsh
    Discord is the business. Joining now - thanks for setting up! :cool:

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