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Unofficial Resident Evil 2 'Remake' tech demo shows off Unreal Engine flexibility

by Steve Powell on Apr 29, 2014 at 10:19 AM
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    Gamers' constant cries for a Resident Evil 2 might have fallen on deaf ears where Capcom are concerned, one particularly adept and code-savvy fan of the franchise has taken it upon himself to produce a much more modernized take on the survival horror classic released back in 1998, while still keeping uncannily faithful to the original's spirit.

    Programmer Rod Lima from Brazil claims that '99.9%' of models, animations and 'scenarios' were extracted from the Wii version of Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, but the underlying UnrealScript which binds all of the magic together was written by his hands.

    Lima insists that the Unreal Engine-powered tech demo's existence boils down to his desire to further hone his programming skills, and has no plans to turn the project into a fully-fledged game release.
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  1. AgentZero
    If only I had a computer that would play games :(
  2. Rain611
    Too bad this won't ever be released to the public :(
  3. letmelive311
    A shame in the actual RE2 their wasn't a laser from your gun to know where your character is aiming, it would definitely help with head shots. *My favorite*
  4. Jamie Queen
    Quite impressive although it features this over the shoulder shooting angle which is my biggest pet hate, the earlier shooting angle was much better!
    reesthom99 and weskerondope like this.
  5. mblessing1989
    In all honesty, the over the shoulder camera angle works in this because it's not solely reliant. You'll notice the camera pans back to classic style when needed to add effect and you're not constantly viewing from over the shoulder. This is how it should have been done!
    JillsPimp likes this.

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