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Umbrella Corps set for May 2016 release; trailer showcases RE4's 'The Village' level

by Steve Powell on Jan 26, 2016 at 11:38 AM


  1. black 93
    This game is actually looking more and more fun everytime i see something on it
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  2. KevinStriker
    RE4's Village rendered in modern graphics capabilities is like a dream come true.

    I wish that's what RE4 Ultimate HD was.
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  3. MartinMilk
    I honestly had a feeling this game was getting cancelled. But yea i'm kinda excited. More Resident Evil to play on the current gen systems isn't anything I get sad or mad about.
  4. Agent Spike
    I'm not into these kinds of games but the village looks amazing! :D
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  5. Airaku
    Sooo... it's current canon, but some of it isn't.

    Also I'm confused on two points here.

    1) The whole experiments thing sounds like another one of Alex's simulations. One that is more up to date. Am I the only one that gets this vibe?

    2) I'm pretty sure that was D.C. Douglas's voice at the end of the trailer. Supposedly it is him, but not necessarily as Albert. Apparently he's voicing the player? Or... maybe the player is Albert LMAO! After all it's a simulation. Nah... that's a stupid ass idea. He could still be in the simulation like he was in Revelations 2. I doubt Capcom won't cash out on him.

    Either way. Despite the ****ty physics and animations (Something Resident Evil is known very well for) this game does look fun. To give them the benefit of the doubt. The game is being made with Unity.... which is fairly limited imho.

    UPDATE: D.C. Douglas said it himself on Facebook. It was him. https://www.facebook.com/mrdcdouglas/posts/10153940060867437?fref=nf
  6. blivvy
    Idk. It looks a lot like Gears of War or something but it might be fun.
  7. KevinStriker
    Hopefully not as big a mess as Operation: Raccoon City.
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    From what i see daaaaamn man but i hope its not fast like hell like old games control realy the humen factor must be there to make sense the movement attack and respons like RE6
  9. Shinigami7724
    I still don't like the animations. They look more blocky than Minecraft.

    But, While I haven't kept up with this Spin-Off for what it's going for it looks fun. Especially with friends. Although they need to work on balance since their past experience with that concept was horrendous.
  10. Cross
    Quite strange to see this. Animations look poor, gun feel looks terrible, but graphics look great. I hope it launches as a good action game to play online.
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  11. Daburcor
    I'm still cautiously optimistic about this game. Having little to no expectations for it, I feel like, at the right price, it could wind up being a pleasant surprise. Of course, adversely, it could also be a fresh, steaming pile of dung. I suppose time will tell!
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  12. I am a Jill Sandwich
    Im starting to get sold on this game..
  13. johnny_mercury
    I'm somewhat interested in this as multi-player shooter, not necessarily a RE game. It does look fun.
  14. BeatTheGG
    I wont lie. I lol'd at the villagers just walking about like it's just another day in the neighborhood while all this cover base shooting is happening around them.

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