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Tips and Tricks

by berto on May 9, 2017 at 12:27 AM
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    Since this sections empty I figure I add some of the stuff I learned or know about and wish I'd known the first time I played. They really should've refined that tutorial, this isn't RE4, this has a lot of mechanics to go through that aren't obvious.
    For the record, everything here is from the PS4 version, I don't know if the controller scheme is the same for the other versions of the game. Also, I'm not very good at the game, I forget most of these when I'm playing, so, full disclosure, there are one or two I haven't actually pulled off myself, but I have most and they come in handy when I do remember.

    -Did you know you could tag enemies? Aim at one and hold circle ( [​IMG]+ [​IMG]) and your AI partner will now focus on that enemy.*
    -If you stagger hold or mash X ([​IMG]) you'll get right back up. You can also hold back and push X on the ground ([​IMG]+[​IMG]).
    -Your stamina will replenish much faster on the ground or behind cover then while standing or moving.
    -Rotate both analog stick during QTEs.
    -Make sure you're holding down at least one trigger while climbing on QTEs.
    -You can turn off QTEs. This one's a biggie.
    -You can also rearrange the order of your weapons or inventory.
    -You can do a rapid fire attack with any weapon by quickly switching between them back and forth.
    -Refill your health tablets by holding the tablet and reload buttons ([​IMG]+[​IMG]). Some people quick mix and stock manually; the advantage of learning to do it this way is that it can be done while reloading.
    -You can do a 180 turn, (just like RE4, Back+[​IMG]) even while sliding.
    -Rasklapanje don't die. You can take them out for a few but they will get back up before long.
    -Napad are weak on the back, not so much in the front. Add a pierce perk to a preset for more efficient shell breaking.

    -You know that one spot where you have to fight Debby, Helena's sister, on the cart. Drop to your back and attack from there the whole time, you won't have to worry about dodging those damn beams and avoid most of her attacks. It might feel like cheating but...
    -A Whopper's weakness is it's legs. Shoot 'em a few times to bring it down for a melee. Note that I said legs, plural. If you only shoot at one you'll be waiting a long time for anything to happen.
    -Shoot the screeching zombie on the throat while he's huffing and puffing like a rooster.
    -Tyrannosaurus-Simmons is weak on the eye in it's mouth, I've shot him on it by luck once or twice, but don't bother trying to get him with that, it's too much of a pain and it'd take too long. Use the exploring barrel drums when he's near and only aim at the eye when you're on the Humvee.
    -If you focus on shooting out Simmons-fly's legs on only one side his head will fall down faster.*
    -Hey, look, a zombie on the ground and since you can't shoot it it must dead. Yeah, right. You're not fooling anyone there, pal. If you know a zombie on the ground is going to reanimate and pounce you once you get near just run and slide at him. It's not 100% effective %100 of the time but with practice it makes this little BS mechanic far less irritating.

    -Shoot them in the human.
    -Chis has a unique knife attack. Ready knife and tap back + [​IMG].
    -All J'avo, even mutations, are staggered by flash grenades.
    -Those crazy bee head dudes that just run around swinging a machete are a good time to practice counters since it's the best way to take them out.
    -If you're dumb, like me, then during the fight in the circular room you provably thing that the transparent boss at the end is only weak in those exposed organs that pop from the bottom... He's not. In fact, I think it's the head you want to be aiming at.
    -If you're low on ammo during the final boss don't forget those fleshy glands he shoots can be shot for ammo.

    -Lear Jake's special Melee attacks.
    -Don't forget, when you're on the torrent guns on the back of the helicopter shooting down the other helicopters, you can take cover by holding [​IMG]. It tells you on screen but I've seen a lot of people play who never notice. Hell, I didn't know you could for the longest time.
    -Those dudes with the grasshopper legs can be knocked off their feet if you slide under them. Their weakness is a red gland under their stomachs where the mutation meets the human.*

    -When the sub is sinking you don't have to be on the platform answering questions. Only go up to respond.
    -Try not to kill too many J'avo when you're answering questions on the sub. You won't have to worry about mutations as much. Just give 'em the run around and kill if necessary.
    -Carla's mutation isn't as hard as all that. When you're against her face/wall make sure you have a few weapons fully loaded, focus on one spot, an eye or her mouth, start with a frag grenade and go to town on that one spot. Once you see the tanks shoot 'em or have an explosive arrow ready just for that.

    Some other stuff:

    * This is the stuff I can't confirm from personal experience, either because I forget you can do it or I f***ed it up whenever I try so I can't say I've pulled it off myself. It's just stuff I've seen or read online.

    I'm sure I'm forgetting some but I guess I can add them on latter. Maybe I should play the game for a refresher.
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    I noticed them all! Plus in online mercinry mode in urbon chaos u can leave the area and zombies cant follow u there:razz::eek::evil:
  2. Steve
    Some great tips, berto! I haven't touched RE6 in a year or so, but this will come in handy when I finally get around to revisiting the game. Cheers!

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