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Rumour: Resident Evil: Enhanced Veronica coming to 3DS?

by Steve Powell on Jun 3, 2014 at 11:14 AM
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    As is the way with each passing year, as we climb closer to E3's illustrious annual launch, more and more radical rumours and hearsay begin making the rounds. This particular slither of gossip, however, does not surround the uncertain status of Resident Evil 7, but instead an out-of-nowhere supposedly Nintendo 3DS-exclusive Resident Evil: Enhanced Veronica.

    According to murmurings over at Capcom-unity, Capcom are allegedly meant to be working on a HD sequel-cum-spin off of Resident Evil Code: Veronica for Nintendo's handheld hardware.


    Being the cynics that we are (and remain to be), but not wanting to condemn the unlikely rumour before we gave it a fighting chance, we also learned that at one time there was -- again, supposedly -- an official website for the project, nestled under the utterly official residentevil.com domain; however, if the page were ever to exist, it's been hastily pulled, but not before a hopefully genuine screenshot was able to be captured:


    We so want this to hold even just a meagre ounce of truth. We're big fans of Claire Redfield's last globe-trotting zombie adventure, and we certainly refuse the opportunity to once more play the game on the 3DS with updated visuals, and perhaps more.

    Via IGN Boards
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  1. Rain611
    This would be awesome, as Code Veronica X was my favorite game in the series. I would love to see a remake with up to date graphics.
  2. Steve Powell
    Same here! The HD version was very pretty, sure, but a fresh coat of paint on an old car doesn't make it new. I would love to see Capcom give it the REmake-level of refurbishment, or better yet, sling out a worthy sequel.

    Even though, the Veronica virus has been superseded several times over by the C-Virus, Las Plagas and Uroboros, I'd still love to see an evolved strain make an appearance!
  3. blivvy
    There was a rumour about a sequel to Revelations being released on 3DS but I never thought about a sequel to Code Veronica. Interesting stuff.
  4. Mr. Scary
    why does every remake have to be on a nintendo console??
  5. Turo602
    I like the idea of making separate entries on Nintendo platforms. Seeing as the 3DS already had its chance with Revelations and the Wii U desperately needs some traction, I'd love to see an exclusive Resident Evil title for the system.
  6. Redxplatinum
    A remake of Code Veronica X would be awesome! It's my favourite tradition resident evil game!
  7. KennedyKiller
    This does''t surprise me really, considering Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, and how well it went over. I think this would look beautiful if it was real.
  8. xMobilemux
    I'd give it a year before they announce a console and PC version.

    Capcom is so predictable.
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  9. Night@ookami
    Needs live action...live action is beyst
  10. Spikeyroxas
    I didn't know it was rumoured for 3DS
    I hope it rings true!
    I loved playing re: mercs 3ds and revelations online in the handheld
  11. Mr. Scary
    I hope you are right if that is the case
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  12. Patrick Wilfong

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