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Revelations 2 goes episodic, Claire Redfield returns, Barry Burton's daughter joins the party

by Steve Powell on Sep 10, 2014 at 7:57 PM
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    Earlier Resident Evil games have been likened to soap operas, pushing the melodrama to the nth degree with gloriously absurd storylines and character archetypes. We love the classic Revils for their devil may care attitude towards plausible storytelling, but we always knew that Capcom could go one better: by delivering the crazy in weekly, bite-sized portions, ala game episodes.

    There'll be four individual episodes released in total that'll together encompass the complete Resident Evil: Revelations 2 experience. A 'Complete Season' bundle will be available, set to cost $39.99 in physical form or $24.99 for the pack in digital format. Zombie slayers on a budget will be welcome to download the episodes separately, Capcom claims, as and when they please at $5.99 per pop, but teasings of bonus content benefits for patrons of the 'Complete Season' will likely be incentive enough to pull in punters for the complete experience when it lands in early 2015.

    The series will see the return of fan favourite Terra Save agent Claire Redfield and fresh face Moira Burton, unfortunate offspring of Barry 'WHOOOOAAAAAA! This hall is DANGEROUS!' Burton, facing the perils of an abandoned detention facility in 'classic survival horror style', insists Capcom.

    Speaking of Claire, Moira, and better-left-alone facilities, here's some screenshots.

    resident-evil-revelations-2-claire-burton.jpg resident-evil-revelations-2-claire-burton-security-camera.jpg resident-evil-revelations-2-claire-moira.jpg resident-evil-revelations-2-claire-redfield-blood.jpg resident-evil-revelations-2-claire-redfield-bracelet.jpg resident-evil-revelations-2-claire-redfield-monster.jpg resident-evil-revelations-2-claire-redfield-prison.jpg resident-evil-revelations-2-dark-monster.jpg resident-evil-revelations-2-moira-monster.jpg resident-evil-revelations-2-claire-redfield-gun.jpg resident-evil-revelations-2-moira-burton.jpg resident-evil-revelations-2-monster.jpg resident-evil-revelations-2-table.jpg

    Resident Evil: Revelations 2 is readying for release on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC early next year.
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  1. ToCool74

    The episodic structure is a bad idea and unneeded
  2. blivvy
    Not a fan of episodes either. I just hope this game isn't short. Four episodes doesn't sound like very much.
  3. black 93
    long as theres a physical disc i can get, capcom can do what they like
    TyrantNemesis likes this.
  4. xMobilemux
    I think the episode thing can work, it'll keep fans speculating for those 4 weeks rather than simply playing for 9-10 hours then forgetting you ever did so.

    However it better not pull a SiN Emergence on me, it's been 8 f**king years and I'm still waiting for Episode 2 dammit!!
    Steve Powell likes this.
  5. Spikeyroxas
    I'll just leave this here
  6. Magnolia Grandiflora
    Why does Moira look like she's in her underwear? And isn't she a bit young to be Barry's daughter?

    Truthfully, I'd rather have Barry back than just another kid for Claire to exercise her maternal instincts on anyway.
    Daburcor likes this.
  7. Daburcor
    Apparently, the game takes place in between 5 & 6 and that would actually make her the correct age.

    Also, I have a feeling we'll be seeing Barry, though not in the first episode.
  8. Magnolia Grandiflora
    I'm not entirely sure how I feel about these episodes...I'm not too keen on the time lapses and random team jumps in Revelations.

    Doesn't 5/6 take place 10 years or so after RE: Nemesis?

    If so, I stand by my theory that she's too young to be Barry's daughter. Barry's girls looked to be anywhere between eight and twelve between the two of them in his epilogue pic, which would make either between the ages of eighteen and twenty two. Moira looks like she's about fourteen; sixteen at the most.

    Speaking of the Nemesis epilogue: I wonder if this game mentions Barry's other daughter.
  9. Daburcor
    I forget where I read it, but I feel like they said Moira is 18. As for her appearance, I agree she looks young. Though, in a few screens she looks like she's the right age. 'Capcom's f*cky', I guess is my point here...

    I do wonder if we'll hear about Barry's other kid though.
  10. Geist22487
    Any word on a mercenaries or raid mode??
  11. The Darkening Sea
    She's wearing tights and shorts. No, considering that she'll be in her late teens or early twenties, its a pretty normal daughter age for a man who is now in his fifties.
    Spencer Key likes this.
  12. sergio reyes ledesma
    many people they would like to play all episodes I want to have it in digital format
  13. Daburcor
    Raid Mode has been confirmed to be returning! As a matter of fact, if you pre-order on Ps4 or Ps3, you get exclusive raid maps.
  14. sergio reyes ledesma
    I said that in capcom unity
    revelation are suck i hope 2 is better....just for you to know im RE fan and score breaker
    from you we learn budd

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