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Resident Evil Zero HD Edition to include 'Wesker Mode'; Resident Evil Origins Collection announced

by Steve Powell on Sep 1, 2015 at 9:32 PM
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    Resident Evil Zero HD Edition trailer:

    Resident Evil Origins Collection trailer:

    Resident Evil Origins Collection, a compilation of the HD-ified GameCube re-releases, is readying for release in physical format on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One come 2016.
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  1. Airaku
    I'm definitely going to get this as a collectors item. Rather I replay the game depends on how busy wit school I am or what it's released date is. If it's close to Uncharted 4... well that is getting my time since it's a new game that I don't already know xD

    I think the Wesker mode is really stupid.... It's cool and nice to have him back but seriously... It's so off the rails that it's not even funny. Rebecca controlled like Jill was. Uroboros 13 years before it's time and post death and resurrection of Albert. It's just too out there to be taken seriously despite of how much fun it'll be.
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  2. Maddy7
    I'm gonna get the Origins Collection for PS4 and download it on my PS3 and Xbox 360. I need it on multiple platforms! I got Revelations 2 for PS4 before I even bought my PS4. :P
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  3. black 93
    ha ha i agree, the wesker mode just seems too silly to be true, i think capcom are regretting killing albert big time lol. Still at least we're getting a nice little physical collection
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  4. Airaku
    I don't think they regret killing him. I think they just want to keep their fanbase happy. They seemed desperate for a new villain and ended up created Alex in 5. Killing Albert was the dumbest thing they could have done but they did it anyways.....

    Even in the first version of the game... the original plot script which was majorly different from the final game. A little more inline with the actual characters... it still had Albert dying in a volcano... a lot of the same things were moved over and some of the things that seemed "unused" were taken out. For example you were originally going to first fight Albert in the big area that had the Progenitor flowers and Albert wanted to take control of Tri-Cell... not becoming a god and creating a master race. Hell Uroboros was original just Tri-Cell and didn't have as big of a role.

    So yeah.... they were still planning to go full retard from the get go... but at least they didn't original plan to make Albert go off character.
  5. wolf trail
    honestly why so many different platforms?
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  6. Maddy7
    I'm a Resident Evil collector! xD
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  7. Dr.Slaughter
    so is Wesker going to have is own story? or is it just going to be playinng as a Wesker costume. Omg I would have rather them explored what Wesker did on his part. You know like they did with Ada in seperate ways. Just why cant they do the ****ing same with Wesker? WHY!?!?!?!? I would much rather have a game from Wesker's perspective then some ****ty call of duty wanna be.... "coughs" umbrella corps... "coughs"
  8. Maddy7
    They did that in Umbrella Chronicles though.
  9. Dr.Slaughter
    I know but it was an on rail shooter, so it didnt feel the same.
  10. WeskerLives2015
    I'm getting a PS4 for my 16th birthday December 6. This is perfect.

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