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Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps goes loud in new gameplay and live-action trailers

by Steve Powell on Oct 8, 2015 at 9:39 AM


  1. Maddy7
    A lot of people are complaining about this game, saying it has no place in the series. But why not? It's a very diverse series, and there's a lot going on in it, so I don't get why people think it has to stick to one genre, and have barely any elements of another. This game makes total sense. The fuss would make sense if it was like... Final Fantasy or something. Military-esque shooters would make absolutely no sense in a series like that. But Resident Evil... it's all about bio-terrorism, so why wouldn't they have at least one game like this? I think a game like this was bound to happen from the beginning.
    Sorry for the long-ish post, I just had to share my thoughts.
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  2. black 93
    I agree, im happy we have such a diverse series. If you like old school, camera angles and item management, RE has that. If you like 3rd person shooters, ridiculous action and fun co op, RE has that. This series has something for everyone. I dont have a problem with this game being made, its just not something im interested in personally. An online only competitive shooter with no campaign? na im good. But i know there is an audience for this stuff and im sure it will be fun if your a big online person. People seem to think that we have capcom in a headlock and they have to make what we want when we want it. But capcom have listened and their making us our RE2 remake, they made a great game in revelations 2 which im STILL playing from time to time i love it that much. Capcom should be allowed some creative freedom now and again, and to everyone thats saying umbrella corps is going to affect how RE7 and the RE2 remake turn out.... you need a reality check. People are saying "RE should never be online! RE should never be co op!" then they keep asking capcom to bring back the outbreak series.... the logic in this fanbase is beyond backwards.
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  3. ResidentDevil
    Are we gonna have new Umbrella Corps subforum or just merge with RE 7 section?
  4. MartinMilk
    I would like it alot more it it had single player and came out in physical form.
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  5. MartinMilk
    and why won't the zombies attack?
  6. Solidfire93
    wait what !?
    what the hell is this ?
    so far i appreciated every Resident Evil games even if it didn't hold up to its Roots !
    but seriously what is this game about !?
    Resident evil is not CS:GO or CoD to be played competitively !
    i mean any Resident evil fan will understand what im talking about
    SURVIOR HORROE how many times we have to say it and Repeat our selves.
    all i hoped after RE6 was not to see (Resident Battlefield zombie drive Tank Evil) again .
    you may argue and say its Umbrella Crop. they do spec ops missions and ****. no just no !
    if you going to to make a game about Umbrella, then go and make a story mode for Hunk or about the UBCS members when they were traped at the Clock tower at Raccoon City,or anything !
    not repackaging it from Revelation 2 and RE6
    nothing is Original ! what the hell !?
    im wating for RE2 remake and soon i'll buy REmake on steam !
    Hope they bring back RE to its Horror Roots with RE2 remake
    im concern about all this, i hate to see my all time Fav games get Ruined :(
  7. Shinigami7724
    They have jammers that if you shoot it off "You'll be more popular" If you noticed the soldiers with the broken jammers were attacked.

    Anyways. I'm liking how it looks still needs hella polishing though.
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  8. jayshizzo
    zombie jammer

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