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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter announced, set to conclude movie series

by Steve Powell on Jun 19, 2014 at 4:25 PM
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    Love 'em or hate 'em, Paul W. S. Anderson's big-screen re-telling of the Resident Evil formula has scored a staggering wad of dough at the box office, repeatedly and consecutively, since the original movie's release in 2002, grossing nearly $916 million during their zombie-fuelled tenure.

    Now, 12 years later and 5 movies in, the English-born director and producer has his sights firmly set on concluding the long-running film series as a hexology of horror, unveiling the climactic final chapter as being aptly titled, 'Resident Evil: The Final Chapter'.

    Resident Evil movie mainstay Milla Jovovich is one more set to return as 'Alice', but no word yet pertaining to returning characters has been revealed, but given Resident Evil: Retribution cliffhanger ending, we're confident that fan favourites Jill Valentine, Leon S. Kennedy, Ada Wong, and Albert Wesker will make a return in one way or another.

    With the project still being in the early stages of production, understandably a release date has yet to be finalized, but Anderson is reluctant to rule out a hopeful 2015 theatre release. On the subject of 3D, Anderson was also able to confirm his interest in shooting Resident Evil: The Final Chapter with 3D very much in mind. Be sure to check out the full interview between Anderson and Collider.com right here.
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  1. Steve Powell
    I know, right? Feels like forever since Retribution struck us all with its brilliant nonsense.
  2. La Femme Fatale
    I don't know if I believe it yet… I thought those cash cows would just go on and on and on...
  3. kevin buckley
    Wahoo!! time for a reboot
  4. Evil Yuna
    I like the movies,don´t workship them though. So i think it´s time they end this already. Until the third movie,i quite enjoyed it. But the last two...That Johan Urb guy (Leon )looked nothing more than a poor cosplay.I´ve seen better.
  5. Steve Powell
    Just in time for the rebooting of the games, too! (I'm guessing...)
  6. Steve Powell
    Just in time for the rebooting of the games, too! (I'm guessing...)

    Urb's a very talented actor, but he probably wouldn't have been my first choice for Leon, either.
    Evil Yuna likes this.
  7. blivvy
    Agreed. Now Anderson can stop making terrible "Resi movies" and let someone else make a real one that fans will enjoy. Lol I never even watched Retribution. The trailer was enough for me :unimpressed:
  8. KevinStriker
    Maybe George A. Romero will still be up to directing his own RE movie.
    Evil Yuna likes this.
  9. Spikeyroxas
    I love the rezzy films
    But I will be glad to see them end
    The last one was supposed to be the final but they stuck that odd cliffhanger ending on it.
    Maybe they will actually answer the no show of Chris and Claire in the opening sequence of the last one too
    Evil Yuna likes this.
  10. Evil Yuna
    Exactly what i meant. =P
    Many people thought Jensen Ackles would be an owesome choice. But there´s plenty of others who are real good too.Matthew Mercer woundn´t be bad either... XD
    Steve Powell likes this.
  11. KRSkull
    Spikeyroxas likes this.
  12. Spikeyroxas
    I like the films
    But this made me laugh xD
    Evil Yuna likes this.
  13. AgentZero
    LOL, I just read this last week. But I'm definitely glad they're ending it.
    Jen likes this.
  14. KRSkull
    I like the films too. Its just that when i red this i remembered an episode from season 12 of South Park. One of my favourite scenes of the films is the ending of the last movie. In the right hands that scene would make a great intro for a:

    1. RTS game
    2. FPS game
    3. 3rdPS game
    4. Tower Defence game
    5. action RPG game
  15. KennedyKiller
    Meh...I'm indifferent. I won't lie, I never would have watched them if RE's name wasn't on it. Some things they do right, others they do wrong. In fact Alice is ALL wrong. Make a movie series nearly the same, but WITHOUT her, and nearly all the flicks would be pretty good. That said, I'll see the last on in theaters on opening day, Like I always do, then be happy it's done and wait for a reboot...
  16. KRSkull
    I just hope that they don't do the parts thing.
  17. moony
    this will be awsome!!
  18. egregious zombiemasher
    I recently read that first Resident Evil film is James Cameron`s guilty pleasure, when asked by a fan on Reddit. Can`t say what exactly that suggest, but the last two movies are nigh unwatchable for me.

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