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Resident Evil: Revelations dev diary discusses 'heritage and horror'

by Steve Powell on Apr 26, 2013 at 2:18 PM
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    A recurring criticism that seems surround the more recent Resident Evil game releases can typically be summed up in one line: new Resi games just aren't scary. Opting instead for a much more action orientated approach, the series has slowly begun to turn old school fans away from their beloved franchise, as it veers closer to a gameplay style more akin to Gears of War. There was light in the dimly-lit tunnel in early 2012, however, when Resident Evil: Revelations first shambled its way onto Nintendo's pint-sized 3DS, but console and PC gamers were forced to either cough up for the dinky hardware or let this gem slip them by.

    Thankfully, nearly a year and half later, we're at the door of Resident Evil: Revelations seeing a release of all the major platforms. If you've been longing for more fright than fight from your dose of Resident Evil, then you'll no doubt be wanting to pick this one up when it turns up towards the tail-end of May. Capcom's Satoshi Takamatsu is excited, anyway. Have a listen to the game's enthusiastic art director as he details what to expect from the company's upcoming horror:

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