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Resident Evil Remake HD trailer shows off new gameplay improvements

by Steve Powell on Oct 30, 2014 at 9:28 AM
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    With the added inclusion of 16:9 widescreen support and optional 3D movement controls, Resident Evil HD Remake is shaping up to be the definitive iteration of the seminal GameCube classic. Lest we forget the icing and sprinkles on the cake: HD remastered visuals and achievements — delicious.

    Check out the new gameplay trailer below to see a handful of the game's new features in action.

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  1. the venomous grand design
    so we get our first proof that some cutscenes have been reworked completely. awesome. i personally wouldn't mind a few slight tweaks here and there, i trust this team with just about anything.
  2. blivvy
    Looking good. I'm really glad we will be able to play it in widescreen.
  3. ArabPikachu
    The trailer was fun to watch; I wondered if the outside Japan rerelease will have the Japanese voices as optional (albeit with English subtitles).
  4. Mr. Scary
    I've been holding back from finishing the game one more time just so I can fully enjoy this version :D
    black 93 likes this.
  5. black 93
    me too, i was dying to play my gamecube version the other day
  6. black 93
    I still to this day think the enemy that they improved the mostfrom the original was that shark, they turned it into jaws the way it jumps out the water compared to that little black fish it was in the original
    ArabPikachu likes this.
  7. Kleine Welt
    It says it's coming out for old gen too? Hell yeah.
    ArabPikachu likes this.
  8. KevinStriker
    WTF? It's weird hearing Japanese voices in a game that had subtitles and English voices in all regions at that point.

    It makes Barry sound like Yoshi Toranaga.
  9. mairi
    WOW! I liked it!!!

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