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Resident Evil HD Remake to include RE5 BSAA outfits for Chris and Jill

by Steve Powell on Oct 1, 2014 at 11:38 AM
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    Not enough Resident Evil 5 in your Resident Evil Remake? Capcom has got you covered. Expect to see 'roided-out RE5 Chris make an appearance as a bonus outfit-cum-character in the upcoming Resident Evil Re-remake. Thankfully, the Japanese developer and producer haven't forgotten about Jill either, insisting that she too will be once more granted access to her matching BSAA garb, complete with adorable baby blue baseball cap.

    Resident Evil HD Remake is readying for a 2015 release on PC and all next-gen platforms.
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  1. Hel
    Meh... I wish they had adjusted Chris's outfit to his REmake body shape instead of being lazy and just copying the model from RE5/Lost in Nightmares/whatever. Same for Jill, we've seen her ponytailed version in that BSAA uniform often enough, I'm sure it would have looked nice on her younger self too. But oh well, I'm glad we have these outfits anyway. I always want more outfits!
  2. Magnolia Grandiflora
    Finally! A remake for PlayStation users.
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  3. Romero
    Their outfit doesn't fit well? I didn't see anything wrong, but we only get to see them for a few seconds on a low resolution.
  4. DarkJackal
    Don't like BSAA, and I don't like the fact they had us sign up for something just to copy/paste content from one game to another.

    Lets see some new outfits.
  5. Hel
    @ Romero: No, I mean: They copied the entire models from the newer games instead of taking only the costumes and adjusting them to the REmake characters. So the costumes fit just fine, but they're the RE5-era versions of Chris and Jill, not the REmake versions in their future outfits, which would have been more interesting in my opinion. But as I said, in the end I don't mind it all too much as long as we get new outfits, hopefully for Barry and Rebecca too.
  6. black 93
    Awesome, bonus outfits are always cool. Jill in her battle suit and wesker in his trench coat would be interesting lol
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  7. LanceChristophr
    I agree!

    I really loved how they had REmake Jill in her RE3 outfit. I agree that they should have remade the costumes for their remake selves. :(
  8. ArabPikachu
    Hope I'm not the only one that thinks BSAA Chris being chased by a boulder in this REmake would be be humorously ironic
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  9. raider_manhc
    Soo ive been playing and completed the game twice now but still havent got the RE3 jill costume... where has this costume gone too?? is there another way to unlock it or somtehing?

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