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Resident Evil HD Remake producer showcases ways and means of enhancing a classic

by Steve Powell on Oct 15, 2014 at 9:43 PM
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    Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, producer of the upcoming version of HD re-release of Resident Evil for GameCube, aka 'REmake', knows that for as excellent a game as the original was, a slapdash port just isn't going to cut it for modern audiences. We can smell a rush job from a mile away, and we know that there were a few areas within the original release that deserved a little more polish than they received.

    As we veer closer to the official release of the upcoming upgrade to the 2002 survival horror classic, it becomes more and more clear just how meticulously and lovingly scrutinized the game has been by Capcom during its 12-year slumber, as Hirabayashi will attest to in the latest developer diary to hit the 'net:

    Resident Evil HD Remake is due for release in 2015.
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  1. Magnolia Grandiflora
    Awesome; thanks for sharing Steve. If anything this makes me even more excited for this port! Can't wait to play it.
  2. the venomous grand design
    beautiful. this same attention to detail is what made REmake the masterpiece it is. we can only go up from here and i can't wait for a new generation of fans to appreciate this classic.
  3. whitecrow4
    Finally grabbed Resident Evil 4 on PC. This is the fifth time I've owned the game even though I was sure I was done after the PS3 port.

    Will get Resident Evil 5 closer to when GFWL is removed.

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