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Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami's new game, 'The Evil Within', unleashed today

by Steve Powell on Oct 14, 2014 at 9:56 AM
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    It might not be a Resident Evil sequel per se, but Shinji Mikami, creator of Biohazard and grandfather to the survival horror genre, has today let loose his latest monstrosity unto fright-fancying audiences: The Evil Within.

    Pegged as a return to the historic roots of true survival horror, The Evil Within, seeks to immerse gamers in the once-familiar setting of dread, despair, and absolute fear or what might be lurking around the corner. The Resident Evil series' more recent emphasis on melodrama and comic relief take a backseat this time around as The Evil Within's protagonist Sebastian Castellanos gets lost in a world of chaos and, well, a more genuine sense of evil.

    Also, it turns out it's pretty good. Critics are fawning and fans are raving. During the wait for Claire's return in Resident Evil: Revelations 2, it might be worth picking up The Evil Within to tide you over in the interim. Just sayin'.
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  1. xMobilemux
    I'm actually gonna wait before buying this game on PC since the specs are ridiculously high, that's likely because Bethesda's PC ports are often bad and there is NO excuse for locking 30FPS on PC, NO EXCUSE AT ALL!

    I'm gonna wait, same with Borderlands Pre-Sequel.
  2. weskerondope
    "During the wait for Claire's return in Resident Evil: Revelations 2, it might be worth picking up The Evil Within"

    yes i will pick up evil within but i dont give a crap about revelations 2
    the evil within is the true resident evil sequel we have all been waiting for
  3. AgentZero
    I'm so upset I'm not getting this today . . .
  4. Mr. Scary
    Does anyone know if there is a demo available?
  5. the venomous grand design
    "The Resident Evil series' more recent emphasis on melodrama and comic relief take a backseat this time around"

    excuse me for not knowing, since i don't play recent resident evil titles, but..did i read this right? there is emphasis on comic relief in recent RE games??
  6. Turo602
    From what I have seen and heard of The Evil Within, I don't see Revelations 2 living up to it. In the end, Shinji Mikami is responsible for the best Resident Evil games and Capcom is now starting or should I say, trying to get into the survival horror game but not embracing it.

    RE4 had some humor in it, that Irving guy in 5 was a joke, and then there's Quint and Keith...
  7. aintnoscrub
    i've got this..but not played this yet lol.
    need to play it over the weekend.
  8. Magnolia Grandiflora
    I really wanna snag this title. Looks amazing; like what Resident Evil should be now.
  9. Daburcor
    I'm roughly halfway through this game on PS4; It is amazingly good! The perfect October game!
  10. Maestro
    Before I told myself, that I want this game after getting PS4... But today I was in game shop, and saw it in good price, and thought "why not?" :D. So I get it, more, I bought limited version (with little, nice paper notebook, 3D artwork and codes for PS Store to get DLC included with game). And after playing 3 hours, I must say that this game is really, damn good! Mikami is still sharp, even I found some "easter eggs" with RE series (itchy, tasty... ;) ). I just cannot wait 'till finish, and then starts again :D
    Evil Yuna and Daburcor like this.
  11. umbra aeterna
    I own this game.It is awesome :)

    Reminds me of resident evil though, with better mechanics
  12. the venomous grand design
    i guess i'm the only one here that thought this game kinda sucked ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    just waiting for REmaster i guess.
  13. KevinStriker
    How come? If you don't mind giving a reason, that is.
  14. the venomous grand design
    i personally feel like the game would have benefit from first person or fixed angle a la RE1 with less frequent but more difficult to kill enemies. i thought the game exhausted itself and got tedious quickly. felt a lot like RE4 to me, in the sense that there was something missing that i couldn't quite put my finger on, but i didn't feel genuinely frightened playing the game and it felt like more of a chore than a privilege.

    i'm sure i'm in the minority here, but at the end of the day the game was just not genuinely disturbing or fun to me.
  15. weskerondope
    i have to say its the best resident evil game (even if its not resident evil) since resident evil 4, nowhere near perfect, but i had fun playing it, allthough it was an exhausting game to play for me, very depressing and gritty, but thats what it set out to do so i guess thats a good thing
  16. KevinStriker
    It might not be the perfect survival horror experience like it was touted to be by its marketing hype, but I still thoroughly enjoyed what I've played of The Evil Within. And considering Resident Evil 4 is my favourite game of all time (and I've been a little burned out on it recently), The Evil Within was familiar and fresh enough for me to love it, and some of the gameplay elements used, like Last of Us's light stealth and the Silent Hill Origins mirrors, some possible movies references and direct references to previous Resident Evils, it made my day.
  17. KevinStriker
    New Game+, just like RE4! You f*ckin' rock, and you rock hard, Mikami-san.
  18. Caesar2013
    It's actually quite a good game for any fan of survival horror.

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