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Resident Evil 7 returning to survival horror roots in 2017; full VR support promised; demo out now

by Steve Powell on Jun 14, 2016 at 11:29 AM
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    Resident Evil 7: biohazard (also officially stylised as Resident Evil VII: Biohazard in some circles) is happening, people.

    Resident Evil 7: biohazard is currently scheduled for release on PlayStation 4 (with support for PlayStation VR Mode), Xbox One, and PC on January 24, 2017.

    PlayStation Plus subscribers can check out a playable Resident Evil 7: biohazard - Beginning Hour teaser demo on PS4 right here: http://bit.ly/RE7e3
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  1. Spikeyroxas

    Thanks for compiling,
    Ill watch all this before thinking about whether I should complain or not.

    Story wise I'm interested
    Gameplay wise, I'm not.
    I don't really like first person Survival horrors. They get very samey as time goes on.
    Alien isolation and outlast for example, they both were fun and creepy as hell to begin with. But by the end you are just redoing the same 2 things over and over (run and hide) making small bits of progress each time.
    The former game though you could actually fight back but even that was stale.

    I would like it if the first person was story segmented like returning to the apartment in silent hill 4 or when youre interviewed by the psychiatrist in until dawn. But I don't think I could handle going through an entire rezzy game this way.
    Especially since the rezzy games we know are how they are, with the 3rd cgi film coming out next year also.
    I honestly hope the first person VR concept is just like a PT deal, but is only used sparingly in the actual game.
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  2. Darkstar Darin
    The demo feels more like I'm playing thru a Rob Zombie horror movie. Like House of 1000 Corpses without the awesome song.
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  3. Solidfire93
    hmm,First person RE ?
    idk that didn't worked out very well... just like outlast ,or Alien isolation,i rarely see anyone talk about it....
    idk why i keep go back and still play the Old RE while i have a feeling this one gonna die soon, because of the internet you watch some game play and spoil it...
  4. Romero
    I loved what I heard and saw in the trailer. :)

    But, making an awesome trailer is one thing, making an awesome game is something else. We can only hope.
  5. ResidentDevil
    RE 7 is the true successor to original RE 1.
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  6. HELLBOY1980
    ok .... lets see.. new Capcom games this gen- dead rising 3 -good, streetfighter 5-garbage, umbrella corps -piece of sheet !!! ... which category will resident evil 7 and dead rising 4 follow ?? .... Resident Evil remasters are keeping Capcom from sinking to their death so far thats about it!
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    Tf? Tbh aint im realy disappointed at a large damn scale! First its first person secend the story! Third of all thats not resident evil we used to know! Seriously capcom wtf you were thinking mading that crap? Realy upset il rate it -0/10 im out
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  8. Darkstar Darin
    What happened to 2?
  9. HELLBOY1980
    2 is in production
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  11. Darkstar Darin
    You said first then went straight to third, what happened to the second point is what I meant.
    becuse i was that disappointed and angry lol
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  13. Darkstar Darin
    Oh okay lol
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  14. plant99
    My one wish is that they don't completely isolate from the previous Resident Evil's, like they are talking about. The producers talk about how this will be a new start and honestly i'm glad. I think some characters have become samey and cliched but i hope some characters return. Not a character that was obscure and unimportant but a character that is rather known and okay.
  15. Mattyice26
    This looks like it'll be scary. But god I hope theres a 3rd person option. I hate 1st person. Resident evil doesn't need 1st person to be scary.
  16. plant99
    Can someone link me to the ESRB description, saw it on reddit/4chan yesterday. Tried searching on the website [esrb] but to no avail, could not find it. Crazy to think they could leak story like that, i only though it was for age rating.

    All i know is the main characters name is Ethan.

    if you could link or reply with a pic that would be great.
  17. Hel
    This is like DEJA VU! I swear to God in 2012 i read a thread just like this except it was called "RE 6" instead of 7, though i would say this time it actually looks like it could deliver on its promise.

    Time freaking flies when you're not a kid! 2012 feels like yesterday to me.
  19. dashank68
    resident evil 7 is garbage.been playing thru this steaming hot turd today and i,ll tell you now these clowns have totally killed of the fanchise. with this crap. it,s a cross between silent hill and the hills have eyes total GARBAGE!!!!!!

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