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Resident Evil 6 available on PC, like, right now

by Steve Powell on Mar 22, 2013 at 8:25 PM
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    Console gamers have been enjoying the fruits of platform exclusivity since October, when Resident Evil 6 was initially unleashed upon the gaming market. It's been something of an arduous wait for out mouse-clickin' brethren, but six months on from the game's official launch, PC gamers have now been cordially invited to get stuck into the action, now that Resident Evil 6 has been made available on PC. Go ahead and grab Capcom's latest entry in the series by heading over to Amazon UK, Amazon US or Steam.

    And for those of you whom enrolled in Steam's lucrative pre-order scheme: enjoy your free digital copy of the Resident Evil 6 official soundtrack, free digital copy of Resident Evil 5, and unfettered access to all of Resident Evil 6's current DLC offerings, courtesy of the free Season Pass subscription.
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