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Remake 'REmake'? Capcom to revive Resident Evil for PC and next gen consoles

by Steve Powell on Aug 5, 2014 at 12:20 PM
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    Capcom's Yoshiaki Hirabayashi and Tatsuya Kitabayashi brought with them some exciting and decidedly cryptic news to the company official Facebook page earlier today. While we're still trying to wrap our heads around just what was being alluded to by the announcement, we encourage you to attempt decipher the video message for yourselves:

    Are we going to see a remake of the original 1996 Resident Evil release? Or perhaps simply a HD remastering of the 2002 GameCube re-release? The latter seems more likely, but the oddly cryptic message has fuelled speculation by fans of something more.

    Whatever the case, something Resi-flavoured is coming to Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4 and PC in 'early 2015'. And given this increasingly laboured trend of 'remastering' classic games of yesteryear, we wouldn't be surprised if Resident Evil 2, considered by many to be a fan favourite amongst the series, were among the next in line to receive a fresh HD lick of paint in the near future.
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  1. Spikeyroxas
    Ever since RE6 it's been quiet and then suddenly this?
    Capcom said they were going to listen to fans and community alike ect and after everything they're remaking a remake. I thought the fan favourites were for a remake of re2 or re3.
    I'm surprised, but not very impressed
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  2. xMobilemux
    It sure took Capcom long enough to make a good decision, I know it seems far fetched, but could Capcom finally be listening to fans? I mean how much have we been asking them to port this game?
    I may not need it as I have a emulation version running 100% fine on my PC, but I'll still keep my eye on this.
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  3. KennedyKiller
    This is a test. If this goes over well, then they'll take a step in this direction for further games in the series...
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  4. Evil Yuna
    I wouldn´t mind if that really becomes reallity,but what i really look foward to is a Resident Evil 2 Remake and a HD remake for Re zero.
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  5. Mr. Scary
    Yeah, me too. And I do think that if 2 is remade there is surely some way to fit RE3 in there too(in the same game).
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  6. Evil Yuna
    I couldn´t agree more with you.Though i´ve only played a few minutes of Re 3, i´d really like to clear it. =)
  7. Ada Scott Wong
    Is it worth to to play Resident evil series all over again just because of enchanted graphic and elements. I Don't see point in there, They should concentrate on Resident Evil 7 not The same Resident Evil Installments on and on again...Ok we played Resident Evil REmake on Gamecube and i really don't see point in releasing a better version. I Won't be playing the same game on and on again, I played it once on GC and i'm done, I guess i won't be buying the same title again because of better graphics

    -excuse me for my poor english
  8. TheDandyman
    A lot of peopel didnt play the remake, since its only on gamecube (like myself) and look forward to it, and you are talking about there being no point in remastering this game, the what was the point in remastering re4 which by the way came out gamecube ps2 and wii and was played by a lot more people than the remake.
  9. crisdecuba
    Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be a true HD remaster, as the background graphics seem to be an upscaled version of the Gamecube assets (with some minor touchups).
  10. blivvy
    Is this gonna be a digital only release? It would kinda suck if it was, well for me at least since my internet isn't the fastest so it would prob take forever to download. Not only that but the hdd on my PS3 is almost full.
  11. AgentZero
    Yeah, from what I've read, it's digital only.

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