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Our Operation Raccoon City competition has come to a close, winners decided

by Steve Powell on Mar 11, 2012 at 1:13 PM
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    Earlier this month, we asked the finest Resident Evil community to grace the webernets to provide us with a giggle, have us oohing at their wit, and left pondering from their wisdom, when we set up our first competition — a competition whereby a select number of users would be able to score themselves a copy of Capcom's upcoming, face-nommingly brilliant Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.

    For the sake of flexibility and to allow our members the opportunity to opt for something more akin to their talents, we welcomed everybody to submit their finest drawings, poems, captions, and even share with us their reasons, goals and visions as to why they might make the perfect mayor of an ailing Raccoon City. Since its birthing, the contest has seen a plethora of Resident Evil fans from around the world flocking to take part. However many weeks later and some 48 hours worth of deliberation, we've painstakingly reviewed all submissions and decided on our favourites.


    Stipulation: must be a caption for the image included in this post.

    Winner: Capcomplicated



    Winner: Glamour

    "Before the outbreak....

    Hello citizens of Raccoon City! I, Glamour Valentino Versace, am running for mayor of our beautiful city and would very much appreciate your support and vote. As mayor, I will enhance our already strong ties with the friendly pharmaceutical giant, the Umbrella Corporation, by offering new locations for the company to expand its research and development within Raccoon City, creating jobs and boosting the economy for our citizens. In exchange, Umbrella will build more hospitals, schools, and even playgrounds for our city; so it's a win-win! I will also work with Police Chief Brian Irons to lower crime rates and keep our streets safe (Irons is a nice guy--he even looks after my daughter when I am away on business!), and at all costs, I will maintain the clean and healthy environment we've all come to love. So on election day, vote for a man you can trust and not that incumbent, Michael Warren. Do we really need more of the same after eleven years?

    Yours Truly,
    Galmour Valentino Versace"


    Stipulation: must contain at least one instance of the words "Raccoon City."

    Winner: KennedyKiller

    "Oh S--t, Not Again: A Resident Evil Poem
    We walk along these city streets,
    Moaning, scraping, looking for fresh meat...
    We've done this before
    In THREE other games
    And I can't believe they're remaking it again...
    Oh well, what can I say,
    Gaming is a little different today...
    We are reversed, we play as Umbrella,
    The good ol' days before Plagas and Excella...
    Only now, now we make heroes cry,
    Leon in the back "I hope I don't die!"
    Tyrants on the loose, our team shows no fear,
    We'll kill 'em with style and win "Game of the Year"
    While VeCtoR and Glamour are running for mayor,
    We entertain a heart pounding player...
    We're giving them all familiar vibes,
    With an old location and a self destruct time,
    While Umbrella hurries, for it has things to hide..
    Pre-Order this game, the destruction so pretty,
    Can YOU survive, Operation: Racoon City..."


    Stipulation: drawing must feature Leon S. Kennedy and the Tyrant T-103 having a bit of a cuddle.

    Winner: sbr999


    Congratulations to you four — you've all earned yourselves a courtesy copy of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City for the platform of your choosing! We want to also say thank you to everybody for taking part in this, our first big competition. Expect more contests to roll out soon!

    A special thank you to Capcom's UK PR Manager, Adam Merrett, for helping to make all this happen.
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