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Newest Resident Evil 6 screenshots get up close and personal

by Steve Powell on Apr 11, 2012 at 9:06 PM
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    After what was effectively an uncomfortably quiet patch, where Resident Evil 6-related news was concerned, Capcom this week opened up the floodgates and let loose a flood of information to help get tongues wagging for their upcoming third-person shooter sequel. In the span of less than 24-short-hours, we've learned more about Resident Evil 6's many protagonists and antagonists than we ever thought we'd be privy to, prior to the game's launch. Capcom has been merrily firing out news left and right, is essentially what we're saying.

    And now, we're being spoiled even further with a dozen brand new pictures to feast our eyes on.

    Resident_Evil_6_01.jpg Resident_Evil_6_02.jpg Resident_Evil_6_03.jpg Resident_Evil_6_04.jpg Resident_Evil_6_05.jpg Resident_Evil_6_06.jpg Resident_Evil_6_07.jpg Resident_Evil_6_08.jpg Resident_Evil_6_09.jpg

    Expect Resident Evil 6 to see a release in October of this year.
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