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New Resident Evil 7 'Bakers' trailer is very moreish

by Steve on Sep 15, 2016 at 8:58 AM


  1. Maddy7
    Their dinner parties look great.
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  2. Fenris
    They updated the demo as well. I'm playing it at the moment.
  3. black 93
    Hyped beyond belief.
    Evil Yuna and ResidentDevil like this.
  4. Solidfire93
    idk i feel like im watching wrong turn or the hills have eyes...

    where are the zombies ? is there any infection or a virus ?

    im a bit disappointed !
  5. the venomous grand design
    what's new in the demo?
  6. Spikeyroxas
    Nothing really, it's still not complete and will be updated the future again.

    Only notable changes are a dummy hand (for finger), a key (that unlocks nothing) yet and a new room (which leads nowhere yet)
  7. Jackal
    Looking better each time

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