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My take on RE4 remake as someone who didn't like the original (slight spoilers)


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Anyone who has been around here for any length of time probably knows good and well that I do not like OG RE4. It's one of my least favorite games in the franchise.

Fortunately, RE4 remake did everything right.

The character development was awesome. So much the the character's motives were fleshed out more, making the events in the game make more sense and the characters themselves were more relatable and therefore it was easier to be sympathetic to them.

The soundtrack was better too, more atmospheric, yet not as distracting. This lends to the scarier atmosphere (which I also appreciate very much) along with lower light presence. Also it seems like ammo conservation is more dire in this game, at least for me. I felt like I always just barely had enough ammo, if even.

Slight spoilers below

There was a new touch that was added that was really cool and also served as a new challenge throughout the game - Leon's perception of reality as the Plaga in his system continues to take over his body. This was brilliant in my opinion, and for the first time in the franchise I actually like Leon.

I also like that a lot of the overly bloated areas were either slimmed down or removed, notably much of the island was streamlined. A lot of it was also not as ridiculous, ie the Salazar statue chase.

TLDR - Didn't like OG, RE4 was everything I wanted it to be, for the most part. 9/10, will play again.


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I completely agree with everything you said, but I did have a lot of love for the original RE4. But I have to admit, not having rooms filled with lava and crazy statue chases has enhanced the experience by a lot for me. The game has a much more improved atmosphere and Capcom has consistently improved every location.

Special props to the update hive area, more intense Verdugo battle, and the MUCH improved Salazar fight without giving away too much material. Also, all the characters feel more important --- ESPECIALLY Luis. They have added so much to his character and made him much more important. Love the changes.
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