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Modders make RE4 HD Edition looks better than ever

by Steve Powell on Aug 1, 2014 at 4:29 PM
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    There's no denying that Resident Evil 4 was a pretty game made beautiful in the Ultimate HD Edition, but even the hi-def re-release was guilty of sporting more than a few frightfully ugly low-res textures, the likes of which that could make even the most necrotic of zombie spew up their breakfast (eww).

    However, fret no longer, for a modding team is looking to put a stop to all stomach-purging afflictions caused by the initial Ultimate HD Edition release, and provide a much more HD-ier look to the game, infinitely more fitting of a triple-A quality modern title. It's still very much a work-in-progress, but the RE4 HD Project team are making extraordinary progress with their efforts, as their newly published teaser videos will aptly demonstrate:

    Make sure to keep up to speed with the team's ongoing endeavours by bookmarking the official website and by following them on Twitter.
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  1. AgentZero
    Oh No! I'm on my Xbox's internet explorer, and it doesn't let me see the pictures. But anyway, I don't think it really needs a mod unless they make it extremely spectacular. I'm looking forward to eeing what they come up with.
  2. Rain611
    I would love for them to show this much dedication to a NEW Resident Evil game as opposed to regurgitating Resident Evil 4 over and over again with slightly better graphics than the last time. Just a thought.
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  3. AgentZero
    I sorta agree. I don't think there's much to do to RE6/REvelation, but I would like to see them do this with much older titles like Cvx, 3, 2, Directors Cut.
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  4. Turo602
    They need to remake this already... After seeing how amazing a classic game like Halo 2 looks on Xbox One, this game definitely needs the same treatment.
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  5. Ada Scott Wong
    You got point there
  6. TheDandyman
    Why? This game got so many ports and a hd remaster. The graphics, nor game mechanicks are old enough so that it would need a remake. Re 1 for instance needed it becouse of very outdated graphics and it made sense. I personaly see no reason for a remake of this game.
  7. crisdecuba
    Hi everyone! I'm one of the two people working on this project and I wanted to say thanks for the article and for those who've commented. One thing I've noticed is that the Youtube videos don't do a good job of conveying the graphical enhancement we're pursuing (partly because I think we remember the game looking better than it actually does). If you have a moment, visit the site and take a look at some of the comparison shots to get a real sense of the improvement (I'm not able to post images yet, as I'm a new member).

    Also, we have a demo of the prologue up at the site so you can see the quality difference first-hand (click on "Download the first release" in the top menu).

    Thanks again!
    - Cris
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  8. Turo602
    Mentioning Resident Evil 1 does nothing because my example already disproves what you have to say. I don't care if you're fine with the game the way it is, it can always be better. Just like I'm sure everyone was fine with The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker and Halo 2.
  9. TheDandyman
    So your telling me that you are ok with games getting remade every few years just so they get a modern or hd remake? then what is the point in making new games when we can have old games and just redo them every few years. im not saying that remakes are pointles, but they have to make sense. Re 4 already got a remastered version, so there is no point to it and the re remake that was announced a few days ago makes sense, becouse they game was only on gamecube and not a lot of people have played it. And btw i own the original gamecube version of windwaker and think it was absolutely pointles to make a remake of it. the visual style has aged very well and a port vould have been just as good. And also you didnt give any example, you just mentioned remade games. Also pleas tell me how your example disproves my statement.
  10. crisdecuba
    I think there was a certain amount of disappointment with the RE4 UHD version because the vast majority of textures were not revised. 90% of the textures in the game were simply up-scaled and had a filter applied, resulting in an obviously poor graphical experience. And so while yes, RE4 did get ported again to PC, there remains tremendous room for improvement. I understand your concern is that they wouldn't be focusing appropriately on new games if they're constantly going back and remastering old ones, but I think there's a balance that can be struck.
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  11. Turo602
    Since when do remakes take away from new games? Did the release of Wind Waker halt production on the next Zelda game? Does the Halo MC Collection mean 343 isn't working on Halo 5? It's the same with this... Slap on new graphics, make tweaks here and there, add whatever the hell they want and done. It's not that hard and it's not like it wouldn't sell. The game is popular as hell and quite frankly, is showing some age whether or not you want to see it. Also, your opinions on WWHD are irrelevant. The game looks and plays better on Wii U, deal with it. You're just being close minded for the sake of it.
  12. TheDandyman
    Your just telling me how my opinion is irrelevent, and have still not answerd my question, nor disproven my points.
    Remakes and remastered ports still take time and money to make, and like i said they are pointles unles there is a point in making them (like being realy old as in ps1 days or older, not beeing accesible to many platforms,...).
    From what your telling me you wuld buy re 4 remasterd every few years when a new one comes out just becouse of better graphics? The games graphics may be like you said dated, but does slightly improving graphics or tweaking it here and there realy improve the game in any way. The game will still play the same, so why constantly improve what already is a solid game.
    And your telling me that im close minded, when all you do is tell me how my opinion is irrelevent, tell me to deal with it without addresing my point nor proving me how wrong i am.
    Your just ignoring me while ignorently denying what i say and giving shalow counters like its very popular and will sell.
    • Warned for bad behavior. ~R
    What is there to disprove? You have no points... You don't get to make the rules of when a game should or shouldn't be remade... You're also ignorant to think that a project that takes less than a year to complete that can easily be given to a different team takes away from new games. They're not going to release any sooner just because you want to think so. Also, don't put words in mouth. I said the game was feeling a bit dated, not just the graphics. Your dumb mind sees this as an other port when the point of remaking the game is so they can stop their damn ports that barely deliver on their promise. HD Edition, Ultimate HD Edition for PC. I can bet any money that the latter will find its way on the current gen systems when a remake would be so much better. And yes, your opinions on Wind Waker are irrelevant and quite stupid. You say a port would have been fine yet your bitching because they went a step further? Just stop already. You don't know anything.
  13. TheDandyman
    First off ,i didn't say that making a remake/remaster takes away from a new game, your accusing me of puting words in your mouth when you are doing the same. Also what makes your opinion any greater then myne.
    All you have been doing was either insulting me or blindly defending remakes without giving any actual arguments to validate your point.
  14. Turo602
    Improve your grammar and get your reading comprehension straight because I'm done with you. You're a lost cause.
  15. Romero
    Inappropriate behavior has been dealt with, and no more of that sort, please. Get back on topic.

    I love RE4 and I'm very exited about an updated version! If it get on the market as a physical copy I promise I'll buy it. If it's distributed as download only I might still buy it but it's not a promise.

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