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Modder 'wilsonso' adds playable chainsaw to RE7 main game


Fearfully and wonderfully made
While still a work in progress, renowned Resident Evil series modder wilsonso has been busy making Resident Evil 7's chainsaw weapon available to the player in the main game. A release date for this mod has not yet been provided, but given the gameplay footage believe, I'd hazard a guess that progress is going well.

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To check out more of wilsonso's mods, head over to his which contains trainers and hacks and more for several games throughout the series. And don't forget to support his work in adding ultra high-res textures to Resident Evil 4: Ultimate HD Edition on PC by visiting .


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Master of unlocking...
PC master race :p

Well at least Bethesda have introduced mods to consoles.

Ethan Winters

Ito Junji Addict, Lupin Enthusiast
Ha, yup. But the mods are still better on PC. Though, to be honest, I prefer console games since most games on my PC have terrible FPS.
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