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Lost in Nightmares and Desperate Escape DLC arrives on PC in 'Untold Stories Bundle'

by Steve Powell on Mar 27, 2015 at 11:12 AM
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    It's been over five years since The Lost in Nightmares DLC for Resident Evil 5 sent a chill up console gamers' collective spines, and almost as long since BSAA agents Jill Valentine and Josh Stone took on the Uroboros-infected menaces of Desperate Escape on the Xbox 360 and PS3. Now, seemingly out of the blue, Capcom has seen fit to unleash the 'Untold Stories Bundle' DLC pack on Steam for loyal fans eager to sink their teeth into some fresh content. Well, fresh-ish content. Okay, it's not fresh, but this RE5 fan is grateful nonetheless.

    The Untold Stories Bundle DLC pack includes each and every morsel of DLC ever released for Resident Evil 5, including the two mini expansion packs: Lost in Nightmares and Desperate Escape; as well as all of the The Mercenaries Reunion content and previously console exclusive Versus Mode and extended wardrobe options for Chris and Sheva. The Untold Stories Bundle DLC pack is available to purchase from the Steam Store for for £11.99/$15 right now.
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  1. black 93
    Im living proof that fans can love both the new and the old games, if people stopped hoping for the original trilogy again, more people could enjoy these games. We have to accept that the magic of the original trilogy may never happen again, they were a snapshot in time that still hasnt been out done to this day. We should be grateful for them and the fact that we can still play them today, not nitpicking every single thing about the newer games like jills blonde hair or chris' muscles. Iv aeven heard people beg for barry to come back, then capcom bring him back and those same people were like " OMG thats not barry, he looks nothing like he does in resident evil 1!" Jeez people give capcom a break, we complain about them but it seems like sometimes whatever they do isnt good enough. No wonder they dont know what direction to take the series in. I dont care what anyone says this is one of my favourites resident evils.
  2. ArabPikachu
    Don't plan to buy RE5: Gold Edition on PC (having it on PS3 is sufficient for me) but I'm glad people can now stop complaining about RE5 Gold Edition being absent on PC.
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    thats great to here lol
  4. Hel
    I couldn't care less. I would have needed this five years ago, not now, when I don't even have RE5 installed on my PC anymore.
  5. Light_One5
    I'm happy that they finally released on PC, but like "ArabPikachu" I bought the console version and played that and got everything already. And this PC version doesn't sound like anything new, just a PC version of the consoles "RE5 Gold". I would buy it if they added something extra for example: RE Mercs characters and costumes.
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  6. ArabPikachu
    Ironic how it took Capcom a few months short of one year to port RE6 to PC after it originally came out but it took them 5 years to do the same for RE5: Gold Edition, which originally came around 1 year after the original release of RE5.

    Let's do the math:

    RE5 (original edition): Came out in 2009 for PS3 and X360 on early March.

    RE5 (Gold Edition): Came out for PS3 and X360 in 2010 on February for Japan and early March for everywhere else.

    RE6 (original edition): Originally came out for PS3 and X360 in 2012 on early October.

    RE6 (PC edition): Came out in 2013 during early March.

    RE5 (Gold Edition): Came out for PC during late March in 2015.
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  7. Spikeyroxas
    Wow this only just came out...
  8. Airaku
    A very sensible comment and I agree with you. People nitpick over the dumbest things. Some of them are warranted however but some people cannot adapt to change.

    There are people who think Barry in Rev 2 doesn't look like Barry in RE1? LOL @ THEM! He looks exactly like Barry has always looked. Barry Burton is 13 yeas older. He was 38 in the original Resident Evil and now he's 51. I think Capcom did a good job showing his age correctly. Better than they have with most characters by a fair margin. You can look at Barry and guess is age at the snap of a finger.

    Yeah Chris's muscles weren't really intended to look like that. That art style was in style with games like Gears of War and what not. Do people really think he was use steroids and during the events of RE5? LMAO His muscles are a strong but very realistic in Revelations and RE6. He looks like a normal person who would be in the military. He's not Arnold Schwarzenegger or even close. RE5 was simply a design choice from a fad that was in style at the time. XD
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    i agree
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  10. Mattyice26
    Man I never knew of a 0 prototype. Even tho its the same game I still want to play it! An the remaster looks gorgeous. They r doing a great job
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