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Frag Maniac

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I bought another 2x8 GB Corsair Vengenace LPX RAM kit with identical timings to get a total 32 GB on games like The Last of Us Part I that have very high RAM usage. I ran Memtest86 through 1 pass of the 13 tests with no errors, and since the RAM stayed at 46c the whole time, I couldn't see any sense to sitting there for over 4 hours while it completed all 4 passes.

What's strange though is TLoU Part I now says 16-17 GB RAM being allocated (vs 14.5 before), but the actual RAM in use went down about 2 GB. My CPU seems to run at lower usage and temps though, so it appears to be making a difference.

I did a super long session of TLoU Part I last night that was over 12 hours, and got a total of 3 crashes, so it may not have been my RAM being 16GB before that caused the crashes. It also could have been my Desktop Reminder tool that went off once or twice while playing that caused one or two of the crashes though.

There was a programmer whom said his job was assessing problems in applications whom on one forum I was reading said TLoU Part I PC port has a problem with how it determines RAM allocation, which can affect how it uses it, so I was not surprised to see this strange change in RAM monitoring when going from 16GB to 32GB.

At any rate, it appears 32GB is the new 16GB regarding RAM in games, and I would assume 16GB VRAM is the new 8GB if you really want to be future ready.
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