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Resident Evil (2002) / HD Remaster (2015) Jewelry Box Contextual Question [Potential Spoilers?]


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Hi! I'm playing Resident Evil Remake for the first time, mostly blind, but I absolutely had to look up the Jewelry Box puzzle online.
Examining the Jewelry Box reveals that there is a spherical indentation, around 4cm. This seems pretty clear to me; get a 4cm ball, or even a half ball, then put it in to open the box.

But it's not a 4cm ball. It's an unmeasured hard cut gem without any rounding. The gem's examine text does not reveal any abstraction from its visual icon into a contextually round form, and it doesn't mention anything about its size. I think I've done a pretty decent job picking up the files around the map so I don't think I missed any additional information surrounding the jewelry box; the notes I found from the family who owned the jewelry box don't indicate anything about the gem or the method for opening the box. Every other puzzle in this game has been pretty easy to figure out with the contextual clues, but not this one. It doesn't seem consistent with their design philosophy, I'm almost more certain I missed a clue than I believe the devs didn't leave us that missing clue.

I wanted to ask people who have more experience with the game whether I missed a document or key piece of information for solving this puzzle or if the puzzle is just like that?

also the hyperlink to the rules page in the general discussion doesn't work, so if there's some unknown rule I've violated with this question, sorry, but literally couldn't do anything about it


Kahnum of Outworld
As far as I'm aware, no there is no file detailing the purpose of the red jewel or the fact that it's for the jewelry box.
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