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Resident Evil 3 Remake Invoice From Gun Shop Kendo


Kahnum of Outworld
So I'm probably super late to the party on this one but I'm going through an RE-kick right now and I've replayed RE2R and RE3R back-to-back. I'm trying to not do what I normally do on a repeat playthrough and not skip cutscenes and read all the files.

I've come across the Invoice From Gun Shop Kendo in the sewers and it made me wonder why, if Kendo was seemingly in on what Umbrella was doing, providing weapons to Umbrella and apparently even giving notes about keeping the Gammas in line, was he so upset at Leon in RE2R and demanding answers?

Probably moot at this point, just an inconsistency between titles. I guess I just find it interesting is all and thought I'd share.


Well-Known Member
That's a good catch. Seems to be just an inconsistency and was added as an afterthought...I don't know of anything in the lore that would explain it.
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