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intro :)


New Member

I am Ser! i am 19 y/o and autistic! im a uni student from Wales studying psychology!

I love resident evil (obviously..otherwise I wouldn't be on here), particularly I love biohazard and re4 original as I think Leon and ada's lines were cooler imo.
I love horror films e.g. suspiria, Childs play, midsommar and hereditary! other horror games/series I love are outlast, fnaf and some others I can't remember of the top of my head lol.
I also love the Walten files and Mandela catalogue!

random fact for me is that I have a dog called pepper, but I always call her El Pepe.


Professional Sandwich Consumer
Well, welcome to the forums! It's a bit quiet these days but it's mostly because of a current lack of news regarding upcoming RE titles. Once we get some sweet updates this place will become active in an instant, so hang in there.
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