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Resident Evil 2 (2019) How would you rate REmake 2?

Resident Evil 2 Remake is...

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For me, it’s a solid to high eight. Probably my third favorite RE after OG RE4 and RE1 REMAKE.

I enjoy that it’s sort of a combination of the both of them. You get RE4’s over the shoulder perspective, with RE1’s level design and survival focused gameplay loop. The presentation and graphics still look really great, however everybody and everything is really shiny for some reason.

The puzzles were fine I always forget one of them on a second play through, I don’t have much input here. Mr. X was tense and brought good unpredictability. Seeing him investigate areas you were last located at was bone chilling for me; I really dislike the feeling of being stalked. Overall, I felt he was underutilized and made the library puzzle annoying. The boss battles felt weak for me too, especially the one with the crane!

I did not play OG RE2, I don’t know first hand the changes to the zapping system. Although, I have watched a play through of RE2 and both it’s characters. I was disappointed the second play through is basically a copy and paste of the first one with minor changes.

For me, it’s probably in the top 3 best survival horror gameplay loops today. Can’t go wrong with it, always fun and easy to engage. Random tidbit but I enjoy that you can walk from the end of the game to the very beginning, making it one cohesive space instead of feeling like levels.


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I now understand Leon's and Ada's relationship perfectly because I'm going through a real life version of that. xD

I am Leon and she is definitely Ada. It's crazy these things actually happen.
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