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Hi-res B.O.W.s ahoy: New Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection screens are a wonderful eyesore

by Steve Powell on Mar 14, 2012 at 12:50 PM
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    Be prepared to become more intimately familiar with the zombies and Tyrants of Raccoon City than you'd likely have ever cared to, thanks to the release of eight brand new Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection screenshots. The PlayStation Store-bound compilation aims to provide fans another chance of playing through the previously Wii-exclusive The Umbrella Chronicles and The Darkside Chronicles titles, only in glorious high-definition. You won't have to wait until the bundle's scheduled release date of June 2012, though, as the new images provide enough visceral detail to sate the appetites of most every hardcore Resident Evil fan whom might be dying for something to gawk at during the wait.

    [​IMG] Resident-Evil-Chronicles-HD-Collection-01.jpg Resident-Evil-Chronicles-HD-Collection-02.jpg Resident-Evil-Chronicles-HD-Collection-03.jpg Resident-Evil-Chronicles-HD-Collection-04.jpg Resident-Evil-Chronicles-HD-Collection-05.jpg Resident-Evil-Chronicles-HD-Collection-06.jpg Resident-Evil-Chronicles-HD-Collection-07.jpg Resident-Evil-Chronicles-HD-Collection-08.jpg
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