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Happy 20th Birthday, Resident Evil!

by Steve Powell on Mar 22, 2016 at 9:55 AM
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    Today marks the 20th anniversary of the original — beloved — Resident Evil game's debut on the Sony PlayStation, precisely two decades ago on March 22, 1996.

    Resident Evil series' producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi relieves some of his most memorable moments working on the long-running survival horror franchise:

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  1. KevinStriker
    Crazy sh!t. It doesn't feel like RE's 5th Anniversary was all that long ago.
  2. Maddy7
    Happy birthday, Resi! :happy:
  3. KRSkull
    Happy Birthday, RE.

    I can't believe that 20 years have passed. It feels like yesterday i was sitting in our guest room and listening to my cousin giving me a walkthrough of the RE1. haha
  4. Bran
    Amazing. A series that has captivated and terrified millions of players for TWENTY YEARS. That is a legacy that not even mediocre sequels can erase. Today I shall be playing through the original, to hopefully relive the same feelings I had 20 years ago.
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  5. HELLBOY1980
    so many memories now come flowing in of getting my first PS1 at 15 and staying up all night to beat the first two games with my friends at our sleep overs and birthday parties!!! Now my friends and I have kids the same age we were when we started playing the first resident evil . I was really hoping for a big announcement today.... but oh well... I do have hope for the future and expect huge things coming soon! We may all not see each other as much as we did when were teens but we still play Resident Evil online together and squeel like little girls each time a new Resident Evil game comes out and then like old times we stay up all night playing online like time stood still!! Thank you Resident Evil for making my life better and keeping friends together !
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  6. black 93
    Think it's time to dig out my original ps1 RE and play it from begining to end. Can't beleive how far this series has come, i remember playing RE2 for the first time as a 9 year old kid,and i still play it to this day at 23. Not many games i can say that about. Now capcom hurry along and give us RE7 this year ;)
  7. lorddemolatron
    First propably mine played console game back in release year on 1996 and i been then barely six at age but never forget these days or nights playing on older bro PSX, and well happy birthday to franchise i ended secretly growing up too
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  8. ResidentDevil
    Happy bday to one of the greatest gaming franchises of all time, I remember watching RE apocalypse in theater it was a good time.

  9. Anguis
    Happy birthday Resident Evil <3 Without you my life would have been quite different.
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  10. Bran
    For those that play through the game for the anniversary, please pay respects to Scott McCulloch, the voice actor for RE1's Chris (and also known for his work in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Tekken, and others) who passed away back in 2000. The guy is so obscure that not much information is known about him, even if he did provide voice work for quite a few popular games of the 90's. It is something that has bothered me of late, with his life not being well known. He has been forgotten, except for those of us still playing games from 20 years ago. His acting may be "cheesy", but it's part of the original game's charm, and for that I thank him.
  11. Maddy7
    He definitely deserved more credit, he had an interesting voice and his acting wasn't all that bad.
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  12. Spikeyroxas
    Happy birthday RE.
    If it wasn't for this game, this community wouldn't exist.
  13. Anguis
    I didn't know he passed away so early...
  14. Bran
    Neither did I. But as I've been collecting PSX era video games, I realized that I couldn't recognize his voice in any video games from PS2 onward, and after doing some research discovered that he has passed on in 2000 in Japan. The man is a ghost. No birth date, no known family, nothing. He was also a popular DJ host of a English-speaking Japanese radio station. It is a shame.
  15. blivvy
    Happy evil Resident Birthday. You the sandwich!
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  16. Magnolia Grandiflora
    Happy birthday Resident Evil!!
  17. Lee
    Happy Birthday Resident Evil
  18. Deathstroke

    Thank you for all these years and giving me one of the greatest gaming series I have ever experienced. There are not many games I play as often each year as this one.

    BTW why are there no subtitles in this video? i don´t understand a word Kobayashi is saying....

  19. JaguarsSoul
    tfw ur as old as ur childhood game... happy birth re and thnx for the sale on steam my weak heart and weaker bank account will be forever in ur debt k bye ✌

    (no srsly i seriously do count myself lucky for having had the privilege to grow up with a game series as perfect as resident evil :') i love it and will keep on loving it always)
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