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Gamers vote Resident Evil 4 'Best PSN Game', Sony drops price for one week

by Steve Powell on Mar 12, 2012 at 4:48 PM
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    To put things into perspective: there are an awful lot of games sitting comfortably on the PlayStation Network Store right now, but Resident Evil 4 managed to trump the lot and claim Sony's award for "Best PSN Game". Despite being released right the way back in early 2005, Leon's most recent solo adventure still has gamers hooked. In light of the game's really quite impressive victory in this oh-so competitive of categories, Sony has, in their infinite graces, marked down the price of Capcom's parasite-pulverizing thriller for the next six days.

    For the remainder of the week, you can grab Resident Evil 4 at a terrifyingly affordable 30% off, or 50% off if you're currently rocking a PlayStation Plus subscription.

    Via Joystiq
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