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Fans resurrect Resident Evil Outbreak online multiplayer

by Steve Powell on Jan 2, 2014 at 10:29 AM
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    It seems there's life in the old gal yet, for while Capcom might have pulled the plug on support for the Resident Evil Outbreak series, devout fans of the online-focussed original and sequel File #2 have seen fit to work their magic and restore the two games' previously flat-lined multiplayer components.

    Given the fact that the last title in the Outbreak series to see a release was back in 2005, we weren't entirely surprised to learn that Capcom pulled the plug on a near-10-year-old title on what is ostensibly older generation hardware. However, there were more than a few whom felt the sting of the two games' multiplayer servers being buried, effectively emasculating the experience of conquering the legions of undead with friends over the Internet.

    Irrespective, the folks over at obsrv.org have gone ahead and brought back -- and arguably improved -- the online muliplayer foundation that Capcom had once supported. According to the team responsible for the project, not only are the NTSC-J versions of the two Outbreak games are fully compatible with their service, but it is possible (thought not entirely recommended by the team) to hop online with both games using an emulator, also, should you wish to do so legally. Support for the NTSC-U and PAL versions are also presently being worked on.

    Via Rely on Horror and Neogaf
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  1. DarkAngelEyes24
    Sounds promising. I hope they release it for a PC version.
  2. Sean
    That sounds absolutely great, I really hope to try it soon
  3. KevinStriker
    Outbreak and File #2: Not just for cluttering up second-hand stores anymore.

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