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Fan-made Resident Evil 1.5 alpha released; get it while it's hot

by Steve Powell on Feb 21, 2013 at 8:34 PM
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    Way back in the late '90s — shortly before some of our readership were born, wold you believe — Capcom were busily cobbling away on a certain, soon-to-be ludicrously successful survival horror title: Resident Evil 2. When it saw a release in 1998, gamers and critics alike immediately fell in love with Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield, back when they were making a debut into the series and wooing us with their natural zombie-offing skills. However, the masterpiece that is Resident Evil 2 began life with a very different canvas — namely a different lead heroine by the name of Elza Walker, as well as different locations to visit inside of the Raccoon City Police Department and NPCs to meet and greet. Fans have affectionately come to know this discarded draft as 'Resident Evil 1.5'.

    Fast-forward 15 years and it seems that thought-to-be binned early version of Resident Evil 2 has resurfaced once more, thanks to a mysterious group of indie developers over at The Horror. It seems that not only have the folks over there been working hard to restore this much-coveted version of the game, but they've actually released a fully playable build that is bound to fulfill the cravings of many a long-time Resident Evil follower. Sure, there's a few glitches here and there, and most of the in-game dialogue remains unvoiced, but this alpha release is certainly very much playable.

    Interested? Of course you are — we all are. Please note that we, ourselves, have not yet had chance to take this supposedly genuine Resident Evil 1.5 build for a spin, so we can't 100% confirm the validity and safety of the file, but you're certainly welcome to try it for yourself if you're feeling brave enough. Here's that downlink link you'll likely be wanting.
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  1. DarkAngelEyes24
    That looks interesting. Wonder why Leon doesn't shoot those gorilla things. Is that Claire on the Missing poster at 3:17?
  2. Aleck
    Which download link is the correct one? The blue button next to the green one, or the small black one on top of those two? Gulps.
  3. Steve Powell
    Good eye - I'd never even noticed that! I can't decide if it's an Easter egg from the Capcom or unofficial fan developers.

    Black button ftw, or you can use link to immediately begin the download: https://cdn.anonfiles.com/1361441185352.7z
  4. Aleck
    Thanks alot.

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