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Cinema Sins documents 'everything wrong' with first Resident Evil movie

by Steve Powell on Jan 30, 2014 at 9:02 AM
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    Love it, hate it, love to hate it - we all likely fit into one of these categories. British film maker's Paul W. S. Anderson's 2002 stab at bringing extending the Resident Evil cultural grasp ever wider by bringing it to the silver screen at first sounded like it couldn't possibly go wrong: Milla Jovovich, zombies, creepy holographic AI children - how could it possibly go wrong?

    The folks over at Cinema Sins detail how.

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  1. DarkAngelEyes24
    that was entertaining.
  2. Evil Yuna
    I find the first movie quite owesome.But the last one... the way they "introduced" Leon ****ed me off...
  3. Awaii-Lynne
    Ive watched this a couple times now. Love it.
    Now waiting for them to do the rest of the re movies
  4. kevin buckley
    I liked it. But still i doesn't feel like the games.
  5. crisdecuba
    I typically don't like CinemaSins, but I loled at this one. :)

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