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Capcom showcases one hour of Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster's 'Wesker Mode' gameplay

by Steve Powell on Jan 13, 2016 at 10:34 PM
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    60 minutes. 60 minutes is all I can spare to play with you.

    Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster and its debuting 'Wesker Mode' are set to see a release in early 2016 on all next-gen console platforms and PC.
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  1. KManX89
    So they give us a new Wesker game mode, and they didn't think to swap old Rebecca for mind-controlled Rebecca and Billy's character model and voice (plus maybe some different dialog as well) for Wesker's in cutscenes?

    Maybe I'm nitpicking, but I get the feeling that might take me out of it a little bit. What's the point of giving us a character swap (and character skin swap for Rebecca) if you're just gonna keep the old character models/voice in place of them in cutscenes?
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  2. black 93
    Really looking forward to this, can't wait to go trophy hunting, doubt il plat this one like i did remake though, beat the game with no healing?! Goddamn
  3. Daburcor
    The thing is that the cutscenes are the same, pre-rendered FMVs they were on the Game Cube. They weren't retextured like the rest of the game.
  4. KManX89
    I know that, but they could've easily edited the cutscenes with Wesker's character model and voice over Billy's and mind-controlled Rebecca in place of old Rebecca.
  5. Daburcor
    Honestly, as awesome as that would have been, it would probably have raised the budget substantially.
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  6. black 93
    When i first heard about this i thought it was ridiculous, and it is, but after spending some time with i cant deny it's awesome! Exploding zombies head with the death stare never gets old and the dash takes some getting used to but once you get the hang of it you can zip anywhere. Basically you only need a gun with Wesker when fighting bosses, and hunters just to be safe lol
  7. Barry's Gun98
    This game was just boring to play the first time round on the Nintendo Gamecube. What is the point in cleaning up the graphics if the gameplay is still tedious? Is anybody really excited about Resident Evil Zero?
  8. KevinStriker
    You're late to the party.

    Resident Evil ZERO REmastered has been out for a while now and plenty of people were excited and are enjoying it.
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  9. sebastian lynn
    Yeah I know its just a great game to play,resident evil zero has got to be one of the best third person games around.
  10. kalash49
    Re Zero has not the best scenario, but this remaster is one of the best ever.

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