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Capcom highlights evolution of Resident Evil 0 Prototype to HD Remaster in new trailer

by Steve Powell on Jul 10, 2015 at 9:33 AM


  1. black 93
    Id love to have a go at this version just to see what its like, always curious about capcoms scrapped versions of games, another thing id like to play is the hookman version of RE4.
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  2. mjk321
    REm0ke looks crisp and NICE. My crush on Becky will never be extinguished.
  3. Hel
    The prototype's pistol sound is so cute!
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  4. mjk321
    peh,peh,pew :)
    oh yes man i cant wait lol
  6. Maddy7
    The original still looks amazing, but the HD version...! :shocked:
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  7. black 93
    Dont know about anybody else but i think this remaster looks even better than the RE1 one, graphically i mean
  8. KevinStriker
    Holy CRAP, Rebecca looks like a doll with those eyes in the HD Remaster.
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  10. Maddy7
    The HD Remaster looks very amazing. :P
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  11. Evil Yuna
    Is this another "digital release" like Re 1? Hope not. I´d be dissapointed.Again. Not that it really matters...
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    yea i think so lol :happy:
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  13. Hel
    My thoughts exactly. I don't mind her doll face (doesn't Billy call her that anyway?), but when the two Japanese guys in the first developer diary claimed that it makes her look more human, I was like: Er... no, sorry guys!
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  14. Matroska
    Yeah, they should tone down those glassy eyes for Rebecca. Maybe it works better from a distance so you can see her expressions more clearly, but during cutscenes it'll be like the return of the possessed doll from that one RE4 prototype.

    Also "dollface" doesn't mean you have a face that looks exactly like a doll; that'd be like saying "Hey baby, you have a face like a plastic toddler". Not really a compliment.
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  15. Awaii-Lynne
    Considering 0 was one of my favs, Im eeally looking forward to this one!

    Now we just need a remake for 2 and 3 :p
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    yes indeed
  17. TyrantNemesis
    Would have loved to play the prototype.
  18. Caesar2013
    Oh boy! I can't wait to get this :D

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