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Barry Burton races to the rescue in the latest Resident Evil: Revelations 2 trailer

by Steve Powell on Dec 3, 2014 at 6:39 PM


  1. Magnolia Grandiflora
    Finally! Barry is back. I've waited for this since the end of Resident Evil 3.
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  2. Ada Scott Wong
    I wish I'm right there with Moira and Claire at the moment D:::
    I'd like to experience that horror
  3. AgentZero
    Oh, the feels!
  4. Spikeyroxas
    "WHAT...IS THIS!?"
  5. blivvy
    I wonder if he remembered to bring sandwiches?!
  6. black 93
    Dirty harrys got nothing on Dirty Barry!
  7. The Darkening Sea
    - The door won't open... I can't figure it out.

    - Is that you Moira, honey?

    - Daddy is that you outside?

    - Wait, just a minute! Whoa, this Island is daaaangerous! Claire, you betta keep her with you.

    - Alright, I will then. Don't worry she's safe with me.


    - Omg, daddy!?

    - What's going on in there?!?!

    - The f*cking co*k... its some kind of monster!

    - Run honey, he's insane!
  8. rondachewarrior
    Yay! Barry "Hurtin' for a squirtin'" Burton!
  9. umbra aeterna
    -Barry is back.All is well

    No seriously, I was wqiting for this guy.he's one of the few reliable folks with a gotdamn norwl compass in the series
  10. KevinStriker
    I recall somebody, might have been on the forums, might have been on YouTube, just somebody insisting that Barry Burton had died between RE3 and now. Guess this shows them.
  11. sergio reyes ledesma
    Long time no ser barry burton other gane residentes evil
  12. ChaoticMeltdown
    Barry is the Nr.1 reason I am super excited for this. He's the band-aid I needed after hearing Clair's new voice actor >.<
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  13. Dearheart Captive
    I was stoked that Claire was back. But Claire AND Barry!!! Can't wait now !
  14. black 93
    Just throwing this out there, if at any point Ol Bazza says " claire sandwich" il freakin lose my **** completley
  15. Solidfire93
    i wish they bring back Ark Thompson for the
    Mercenary mini game
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  16. doomzgaming
    Hey Guys, is it just me or Barry has super natural power?
    Check out the way Barry pick up green herbs....Wow it's on the floor be no problem it just disappeared in his bag!
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  17. Spikeyroxas
    Barry is too cool to do common tasks such as picking up herbs.
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  18. Denzil22
    So happy to get to play as Barry after all these years
  19. KevinStriker
    Well, there was Gaiden, but come on...
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