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Back from the dead: Capcom confirms Resident Evil 2 Remake in the works

by Steve Powell on Aug 13, 2015 at 7:50 AM
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    No word yet on release date, supported gaming platforms, or even a hint of pricing, but the classic — and arguably most cherished — Resident Evil title to date is indeed in line to receive a much-deserved HD survival horror homage in the future.
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  1. Grind and Click
    The first REmake changed so much of how you saw and approached the Spencer Mansion, new outdoor areas etc, I'd love for the content to be even more upped for this REmake, I mean you have an entire city to play with now, and as I said in a previous thread just look at Fallout 4's content, given it's budget will be way higher.
  2. Luchance
    I actually think it be better for them to combine RE2 and RE3 together and make it one whole new Remake.
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  3. black 93
    Id like that. Could call it the Raccoon City collection or something.
  4. meg5493
    I feel like I'm one of the only people who feels like this but mixing 2 and 3 together wouldn't work. They don't mesh at all especially timeline wise unless Capcom did what they did with REmake and 70% of the content was new.
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  5. weskerondope
    the only way to remake re2 is to do it like they did in 2002 with re1, same areas allthough expanded and altered, fixed cameras and no option for 3rd person (maybe with super easy mode for the feeble minded who cant play old school). preferable pre rendered background but real time enviroments could work with modern consoles, typewriters, item boxes, and if they also remake re3 (which would be great) it should be done as a sepparate game
  6. aintnoscrub
    Will literally throw bags of money at this game, cannot wait for it. Long time over due
  7. KManX89
    Just to give y'all a little preview of what REmake 2 could potentially wind up playing like:

    This game can't get here soon enough!
  8. Luchance
    Or simply call it Racoon City Remake
  9. kalash49
    I'm very doubt that this remake will repeat success of the original game, but I'd wish to hope on it.
  10. johnny_mercury
    Yes, that would amazing if they did!
  11. EatSleepAndPlay
    Has this been confirmed to be at E3? I haven't head any more news on this since it was announced.

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